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One person was killed and 16 more were wounded in a car bombing in Kirkuk. Security forces detained three wanted men in Kirkuk. A member of parliament said that turning over members of the People's Mujahideen of Iran to Iran would be unconstitutional.

Iraqi governor says 'terror groups' behind attacks on US forces

Insurgents killed nine Iraqis, including four policemen, in attacks in and around Baghdad. Security forces detained three wanted men in Kirkuk. The defense minister wanted the PMOI out of Iraq by the end of the year.

Insurgents killed 19 Iraqis in bombings in Diyala, Fallujah, and Baghdad. Two bomb disposal policemen were killed while trying to disarm one of the bombs in Fallujah.

Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and a government worker in Baghdad. Security forces arrested six Mujahideen-e-Khalq members in Diyala.

Security forces killed three "gunmen" in Anbar. Insurgents killed a university professor in Mosul and a school teacher in Fallujah. Police killed five kidnappers during a shootout in Bayji; the kidnapped man was also killed in the shootout.

Kirkuk tensions highlight concerns over US troop exit

Iraqi troops clashed with members of the Mujaheddin-e-Khalq terrorist group at Camp Arshaf. Reports on casualties conflict; Iraqi government says three people were killed while the MEK claimed 31 were killed. Security forces detained two wanted men in Al Kut.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said US troops could stay in Iraq after the December 2011 withdrawal deadline if Iraq's government makes the request. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Anbar province.

Ban: Iraq needs to address grass-roots discontent

An al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bomber killed three people in an April 5 attack in Baaj west of Mosul. Three Iraqis were killed in two IED attacks near a Shia shrine in Baghdad. Five terrorists were detained in Baghdad.

Al-Qaeda's unfinished work

Insurgents killed six members of a family in Baghdad and an Iraqi soldier in Kirkuk. Security forces captured a senior al Qaeda in Iraq judge in Diyala province.

Insurgents killed two US soldiers on April 3 in an indirect fire attack and two Iraqi policemen in Mosul. Iran shelled villages in the northern Iraqi province of Sulaimaniyah.

Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Basrah and Maysan. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed it carried out last week's suicide assault on the Salahadin provincial center that killed more than 50 people.

Ex-mujahedeen help lead Libyan rebels

A suicide bomber killed an Iraqi Army colonel, a captain, and a soldier outside a mosque in Fallujah. Terrorists killed four soldiers and two policemen in an attack on a checkpoint in Ramadi. Insurgents killed an Awakening fighter in Kirkuk.

Security forces captured an al Qaeda in Iraq leader and three fighters in Mosul, and three insurgents in Al Kut. Insurgents killed a civilian in a Katyusha rocket attack in Diwaniyah.

Libya - Is the West playing into al-Qaeda's hands?

An al Qaeda in Iraq suicide assault team killed 53 people during an assault on the Tikrit provincial center. Insurgents killed two civilians in Baghdad. Security forces arrested 12 wanted men in Basrah.