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Indonesia - Jakarta governor backtracks on imposing Islamic sect ban

Indonesia province announces Ahmadiyah curbs

We must engage Muslim Brotherhood, says Kevin Rudd

Jemaah Islamiyah's spiritual leader, Abu Bakar Bashir, told a court that training jihadists is an Islamic duty, but denied any involvement in setting up terror cells in Indonesia. Bashir is on trial for setting up terror camps in Aceh.

Indonesia - Hardliners demand ban on Ahmadiyah Muslim sect

Indonesian cleric's trial puts focus on rising militancy

Indonesia - Churches destroyed after blasphemy sentence handed down

A Muslim mob rampaged in Java after a court passed down a five year sentence to a Christian accused of insulting Islam. The mob torched two churches and stormed the courthouse.

Governments go online in fight against terrorism

Detachment 88, Indonesia's counterterrorism unit, detained Roki Aprisdianto during a raid in the village of Waru in Central Java. Aprisdianto is accused of being a member of a "terrorist groupterrorist group from Sleman, Klaten and Sukoharjo."

Report: 2010 was worst year yet for piracy on high seas

Malaysia colleges a hotbed for militant recruiting

A court sentenced seven members of al Qaeda in Aceh to jail terms of up to eight years. The al Qaeda operatives were planning to carry out assassinations and attack Westerners in Mumbai-styled terror attacks in Jakarta.

Indonesia: Christians are top victims of intolerance in West Java

5 terror suspects arrested in Indonesia

Police charged Abu Bakar Bashir, Jemaah Islamiyah's spiritual leader, with inciting terrorism due to his involvement with an al Qaeda camp in Aceh. Bashir can receive the death sentence if convicted.

Police arrested wanted Jemaah Islamiyah operative Abu Tholut during a raid at his home in Central Java. Tholut has been involved in multiple bombings in Indonesia, established a training camp in Aceh, and is involved in fundraising and recruiting and training terror cells.

Fadli Sadama, the Jemaah Islamiyah operative detained in Malaysia and deported to Indonesia, was plotting to assassinate Chevron executives and shoot foreign tourists. Sadama is a member of the Indonesian Mujahidin Group and planned on traveling to Thailand to train the Pattani United Liberation Organization.

Survey: Muslims offer mixed views on Hamas, Hezbollah, reject al Qaeda

Indonesian authorities arrested Joko Daryono, alias Thoyib, for his role as treasurer for the terror-sponsor organization Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid. Founded by the radical Islamist cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, JAT is responsible for funding and assisting terror groups based in Aceh.