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GOP Report Criticizes Transfers From Guantánamo

US still lacks Guantanamo transfer safeguards: lawmakers

Afghanistan Willing to Agree to Transfer of Taliban Prisoners to Qatar

Source: Plans To Turn Over Taliban Gitmo Detainees In Works

Afghan Taliban deny they're ready to talk peace

US Confirms Possible Taliban Gitmo Release

US Unaware of Afghan Peace Talks in Saudi

Taliban Refuse Ceasefire Before Prisoners are Released

Afghanistan to press Pakistan for access to Taliban

Taliban Have Begun Talks With US, Former Taliban Aides Say

Progress seen in moves towards Afghan peace talks

Dialogue with the US: Afghan Taliban share 'peace' blueprint with Pakistan

Taliban diplomats arrive in Qatar

Taliban willing to compromise, Afghan negotiators say

US 'opens talks with Hizb-i-Islami insurgent group'

Former Taliban officials find new role

Kabul backs Taliban prisoners' transfer to Qatar

US official: Taliban should say they want peace

US has made no decision on Taliban prisoner transfer

Karzai Aide Says US Isn't Providing Enough Details About Taliban Talks