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The Foreign Ministry said Germany would provide cargo planes and medical personnel to assist France in the military intervention in Mali, but ruled out deploying troops. Germany remains involved in European Union planning for a military training mission in Mali.

West Scrambles to Counter Islamist Offensive

Civil War threatens Afghanistan as NATO prepares to leave

Jihadist rapper Denis Cuspert of the banned terrorist group Millatu Ibrahim released a chant via the Global Islamic Media Front urging support for jihadists in Chechnya and noting that Chechens are fighting in Syria, Iraq, and "everywhere." An Indian man in Bonn was allegedly attacked by two Islamists who tried to cut out his tongue after demanding that he convert to Islam.

Failure Threatens German Afghan Police Training Mission

The banned group Millatu Ibrahim issued two German-language chants by Salafist rapper Denis Mamdou Cuspert through the Global Islamic Media Front. One chant, subtitled in English, calls for jihad throughout the world, including "Londonistan, Germanistan," Rome, and Jerusalem; the other praises an imprisoned German Islamist and urges the kidnapping German citizens.

Omar D., a Somali Salafist, remains the key suspect in last week's attempted bombing at the Bonn central train station; he and another Somali, Abdirazak B., who is linked to Shabaab, were arrested but soon released. Police agencies are bickering over the fact that video camera footage at the Bonn station was not recorded.

European Leaders Push for End to Ban on Arming Syria Rebels

US troops will man Patriot batteries along Turkey's border with Syria

Federal authorities now say that the pipe bomb found at the Bonn central train station on Monday was placed by a suspect with radical Islamist links. The Interior Ministry warned of an increased risk of attacks on Christmas markets.

Europe Court Finds Violation in CIA Rendition

After a bag containing pipe bomb elements was found on a platform at Bonn's central train station on Monday, police arrested two Somali men, Abdirazak B. and Omar D., known extremists already under surveillance. The pair were later released; police are now looking for other suspects.

Islamist extremist suspected after bomb found at Bonn rail station

2 Somali Islamists arrested in suspected pipe bomb attack at Bonn train station

Yesterday two known extremists were arrested after a bag containing explosive materials was found on a platform at the main train station in Bonn, Germany.

NATO moves toward deployment on Syria border

Officials: NATO to decide on missiles for Turkey

US Is Weighing Stronger Action in Syrian Conflict

UN set to implicitly recognize Palestinian state, despite threats

Germany Wants EU to Launch Initiative to Stop Gaza Weapons Smuggling.

A new government report on Afghanistan says that "hostile forces remain operational," little progress has been made toward peace and stability, national reconciliation has not succeeded, and insider attacks are an increasing concern. Germany plans to spend $558 million per year until 2016 to improve Afghan living conditions and governance, and an additional $194 million for Afghan security forces.