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European jihadists form ISIS brigades in Syria

Khamenei: Iran will never give up its nuclear program

The Interior Ministry outlawed the "Waisenkinderprojekt Libanon" (Orphan Children Project Lebanon) as the group serves as a front for Hezbollah fundraising, recruits fighters for Hezbollah, and supports families of suicide bombers. The ban was announced after a five-year investigation. Security forces also raided the group's properties in six states. The group's membership is estimated at 80; about 1,000 Hezbollah supporters are thought to be residing in Germany.

Ukraine Crisis Exposes Gaps Between Berlin and NATO

Moroccan king attends prayers led by reformed Salafi-jihadist

World leaders urge more action to prevent nuclear terrorism

US military presence in Africa growing in small ways

Franco-German project to securely store stockpiles of arms in Libya

German rapper, now jihadist still alive in Syria

Germany's domestic intelligence agency is said to have curtailed operations with Turkey over suspicions that Turkish intelligence was involved the murder of three female Kurdistan Workers' Party activists in Paris in January 2013. At the time of their deaths, two of the slain women were being investigated by German authorities for links to the PKK.

UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon Discusses Syria

German Military Faces a Difficult Year in Africa and Afghanistan

Emrah Erdogan, a German national of Turkish origin with ties to both al Qaeda in Pakistan and Shabaab in east Africa, was sentenced to seven years in prison. His brother Bunyamin, a would-be suicide bomber, was killed by a drone strike in 2010. Emrah was arrested in Tanzania in 2012 and is suspected of links to a bombing in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as an al Qaeda plot against targets in Germany and Pakistan. Germany plans to provide more training to Malian troops and to relocate its troop transport air base from Senegal to Mali.

Flow of Westerners to Syria Prompts Security Concerns

European Spies Reach Out to Syria

The government is becoming increasingly concerned about the flow of German jihadists to Syria; they are now said to number in the low hundreds. Demand for residence permits from former Afghan employees of the German military is rising, following the Taliban's recent murder of a former interpreter. Of the 1,500 Afghans who were employed by Germany, only 184 have been approved for residency.

The German jihadists' colony in Syria

A "German Camp" that caters to training and recruitment and serves as a magnet to attract German-speaking jihadists from Europe has been established in Syria.

From Soccer to Jihad: German Football Talent Killed in Syria

As son heads to Syrian front, family in Germany plots kidnapping to bring him back

Iranian nuclear talks end without a deal