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Classified German Report: Reality Contradicts Afghan Withdrawal Plans

At UN, Muslim world questions Western freedom of speech

Wives of German Salafists Pursue Road to 'Paradise'

Chancellor Merkel urged greater tolerance toward the country's four million Muslims and said, "The Islamists are not the Islam of Germany." The Chancellery canceled a visit to Tunisia planned for next month, due to tensions and violence over an anti-Islam film.

Moldova says it detains uranium dealers from rebel region

Governments in Muslim Countries Exploit Outrage

A crowd of several hundred gathered in Freiburg to protest the recent controversial anti-Islam film, and a few hundred protesters turned out in Muenster as well. The Interior Ministry postponed a poster campaign intended to counter radical Islam among young people.

German foundation cancels plan to show anti-Islam film excerpts

German leaders are concerned that a right-wing German group plans to screen an anti-Islam film that has already sparked violence targeting German interests. Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "We are checking if a public screening might disturb the peace and should therefore be prohibited."

Nuclear-armed Iran 'not an option': Westerwelle

Euro imams, rabbis pledge zero tolerance for hate preachers

Germany Maintained Contacts with Palestinians after Munich Massacre

Taliban team in Qatar for negotiations with US

How German Islamists Recruit Young Men for Jihad

The head of German intelligence warned that Europe is at great risk of Islamist terrorist attacks, particularly from homegrown extremists and those with links to al Qaeda in Yemen. A report estimates that as many as 100,000 Germans have converted to Islam in the past few years, and that 5-10 % of those converts are Salafists.

Survey: Turks in Germany Willing to Integrate but More Religious

Organisers of first Syria protest - where are they now?

Unlike US, Europe Has Few Limits on Hezbollah

Police arrested four men suspected of violating the Iranian arms embargo by arranging to ship millions of dollars' worth of nuclear equipment to Iran. One of the suspects is a German and the other three are German-Iranians. The identity of a fifth suspect has not yet been disclosed.

The rise of a 'German Salafist colony' in Egypt

Al Qaeda supporter Muhammad Mahmoud has recruited German and Austrian Salafists to set up a "colony" in Egypt.