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Germany's intelligence agency estimates that 38,000 of the country's four million Muslims are potential extremists, including about 50 Salafist preachers who are under surveillance. Authorities are debating what to do about Sami A., an al Qaeda-linked preacher in Germany with a large following.

The Shadowy World of the Islamic G├╝len Movement

Authorities say Sami A., 36, a Tunisian former bodyguard for Osama bin Laden, is a "dangerous preacher" and a security risk, but they have not succeeded in expelling him from the country. The Bochum resident is linked to an al Qaeda cell in Dusseldorf and is said to maintain a network of al Qaeda contacts that includes some 9/11 plotters.

World won't abandon Afghanistan: ISAF

Prosecutors accused a German man, "Thomas U.," of belonging to an Islamist terror group and assisting in an attack on a military base in Afghanistan in 2009. The suspected member of the German Taliban Mujahideen was also accused of recruiting fighters for jihad in Afghanistan. He was arrested in Turkey.

Four members of a German al Qaeda cell headed by Abdeladim El-K., a Moroccan who had trained in Pakistan in 2010, went on trial. The cell was involved in a plot to conduct Mumbai-type attacks in Europe that had been approved by Osama bin Laden.

Stuxnet thwarted by control code update

Afghan President Karzai Asks for German Help with Taliban Talks

Disillusioned German Islamists Returning Home to Germany

Peter B., a leader of the Salafist movement in Frankfurt, was arrested by German authorities in Istanbul. The German national and Muslim convert had been in Pakistan's Waziristan area for a year, then traveled to Iran and Turkey. He is accused of belonging to a terrorist group and recruiting fighters for jihad in Afghanistan.

Karzai Seeks Full Freedom for Taliban in Guantanamo

Afghanistan aid: Donors pledge $16bn at Tokyo meeting

Violent Taliban splinter groups opposed to talks harbinger of civil war after US troops leave

Germany starts to clamp down on Salafists

In the wake of bloody attacks on police in Bonn and Solingen, authorities slowly begin to crack down on radical Islamist organizations in Germany.

Files Show Neo-Nazis Helped Palestinian Terrorists in Munich 1972 Massacre

Israel's president warns "time is out" for Iran

German Commentators Welcome Action against Salafists

A police operation involving 1,000 officers raided homes of radical Salafi Islamists suspected of plotting against the state and seized "a comprehensive quantity of evidence." The organizations targeted are the Die Wahre, the Dawa FFM, and the Miliatu Ibrahim, which has already been banned. Reports say there are about 4,000 active Salafists in Germany.

Italy: Ten suspects arrested over international anarchist attacks

Europe Stays Quiet Despite Unease About Drones