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As Terrorism Suspects Are Detained in Europe, Scope of Challenge Is Highlighted

Stockpiles of firearms found in European anti-terror raids

Authorities warned of possible jihadist attacks on rail facilities in Berlin and Dresden. Over 200 police officers conducted raids on 12 radical Salafist properties in Berlin, including a mosque, last night, arresting two people suspected of recruiting and fundraising for the Islamic State. One of the the suspects, Ismet D., 41 and of Turkish origin, is thought to lead "an Islamist extremist group made up of Turkish and Russia nationals from Chechnya and Dagestan." The raids followed months of investigation into Berlin-based extremists, including five Turkish citizens suspected of money laundering and "preparing a serious act of violence against the state in Syria." Authorities arrested a German-Tunisian man in Wolfsburg who had returned from Syria and is suspected of membership in the Islamic State. Police raided apartments of a number of Islamists in Pforzheim who were thought to be planning a "significant subversive attack."

Germany closer to confiscating Islamist IDs

After attacks, arm-in-arm world leaders join mass Paris march

Arsonists targeted the offices of a newspaper in Hamburg that had reprinted cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed after the terrorist attack on a satirical magazine in Paris; two suspects were arrested. Justice Minister Maas urged organizers of an anti-Islamization rally scheduled for Jan. 12 to cancel the event; a large government-sponsored rally in Dresden yesterday protested against the anti-Islamization rallies.

Exclusive: Paris attack suspect met prominent al Qaeda preacher in Yemen - intelligence source

Charlie Hebdo suspect 'mentored' by Abu Hamza disciple

Federal prosecutors charged a 36-year-old German man and a 27-year-old Turkish citizen with belonging to Junud al Sham, a foreign terror group in Syria. The two had traveled to Syria in 2013, trained with the group, and fought there. Justice Minister Heiko Maas called the terrorist attack against a magazine in Paris "an attack against Islam," and stated that the "vast majority of Muslims in Germany consider it a betrayal of their beliefs."

Terror Expert Louise Shelley: 'Islamic State Is a Diversified Criminal Operation'

Islamic State Militant Seeks Chechen Wife For 15-Year-Old Child Fighter

The Parliament authorized the deployment of up to 850 German soldiers in 2015 to Afghanistan to participate in NATO's "Resolute Support" training mission. The government is also planning to send some 100 Bundeswehr soldiers to northern Iraq to train Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Investigations into jihadi returners pushing German courts to their limits

Germany Reportedly Concerned About Radicalization Of Chechen Diaspora

In Germany's first-ever trial of an Islamic State fighter, Kreshnik Berisha was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison. Authorities estimate that of some 550 Germans who have joined the Islamic State in the Middle East, 60 have been killed and 180 have returned to Germany; about 300 people are currently under investigation. Germany plans to contribute about 150 million euros per year to NATO's Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan and will leave 850 German troops in the country after Jan. 1, 2015.

The Jihad Cult: Why Young Germans Are Answering Call to 'Holy War'

'Make thicker walls': Terrorism fears high as drones survey French nuclear reactors

Nations Ponder How to Handle European Fighters Returning From Jihad

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until July

The Interior Ministry now estimates that 550 people have left Germany to fight for extremist groups in Iraq and Syria, up from an estimate of 450 a few days ago. Authorities are also monitoring 230 other people who are considered possible threats in Germany.