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US envoy Allen arrives in Iraq, to visit Jordan, Egypt, Turkey

Security sources claimed that the military has killed Mohamed Abu Shatiya, a field commander for Ansar Jerusalem (Ansar Bayt al Maqdis), during clashes south of Rafah. Two tonnes of explosives were seized by security forces from a nearby tunnel into Gaza. The terror group has released a video threatening to conduct attacks during Eid al-Adha, and mentioned the interior minister and his aides in particular.

State Department designations target al Qaeda's international network

Four of the al Qaeda operatives designated by the State Department have supported the jihad in Syria. One of them may be tied to a key leader in the so-called "Khorasan Group," which was planning attacks in the West. A fifth al Qaeda veteran designated today was sent to Libya by Ayman al Zawahiri in 2011.

Egypt's border with Libya and Sudan ripe for Islamic State expansion

A bomb detonated near the Foreign Ministry in Cairo, killing at least four people. Three bombs also exploded simultaneously in Tanta with a fourth bomb in Mahalla. Another bomb detonated on the Cairo-Zagazig railway. Sixteen detainees escaped Mahalla police station on Sept. 19 after setting a fire with clothes and blankets.

Arab States Lag in Media War Against Extremists

Egypt targets Brotherhood's Al-Azhar bastion

Who's who in coalition to defeat Islamic State

Six policemen were killed and two more were wounded when their convoy hit a roadside bomb on the way from Rafah to el Arish. A court sentenced 17 Muslim Brotherhood members to prison terms of up to five years for rioting, but acquitted five students, including the nephew of former president Mohamed Morsi.

The Army said it killed seven members of Ansar Jerusalem (Ansar Bayt al Maqdis) during a shootout in the Sinai. A policeman was killed and several conscripts were injured in a clash with gunmen near a checkpoint on the Cairo-Suez road on Sept. 12. Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and 14 others were sentenced to life in jail for murder and inciting violence. Egypt is among some 30 nations joining a coalition against the Islamic State, but will not send ground troops to the fight.

Egypt's Brotherhood says leaders to quit Qatar haven

ISIS may be eyeing up Egypt as its next target, experts say

Arab Nations Vow Help to Fight ISIS 'as Appropriate'

US wins Arab support for Syria/Iraq military campaign

Egypt calls for global anti-terror strategy

The decapitated body of a man was found in Sheikh Zuweid with a note purportedly from Ansar Jerusalem (Ansar Bayt al Maqdis) accusing the victim of spying for Israel. A gunman opened fire on a policeman's vehicle in Mansoura, killing his son. Mohammad al Beltagy, secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party, was sentenced along with Islamist cleric Safwat Higazy to 20 years in prison for leading a terrorist organization and for kidnapping and torturing two Egyptian policemen. Security forces in Beheira arrested 18 Muslim Brotherhood members for conducting an unauthorized demonstration; they had reportedly sprayed offensive graffiti on shops and beaten shop owners.

ISIS guides Egyptian militants, expanding its influence

Under pressure, Sinai jihadists threaten more beheadings

The Islamic State's global reach

Ansar Jerusalem kills 11 Egyptian soldiers