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Egypt's Newest Jihadists: The Jamal Network

Muslim Brotherhood supporters called for daily protests in the lead-up to the trial of former president Morsi. His detention was extended for 15 days due to a pending investigation related to espionage charges. Authorities arrested 36 "terrorist elements" during security sweeps in the Sinai.

Attacks on Christians by Islamic militants rise in Egypt

Islamic law, military fuel debate on Egypt charter

Authorities arrested senior Muslim Brotherhood figure Essam el Erian as part of the continuing crackdown on the organization. Unidentified gunmen fired on a checkpoint in Mansoura, the second such incident in recent days. Security forces clashed with students at al Azhar University. Authorities reportedly arrested Nasser Mohammed Ibrahim, a Muslim Brotherhood member suspected of coordinating with Hamas and Salafi jihadists in the Sinai.

Authorities reportedly arrested a top fugitive wanted in connection with terror attacks in Sinai and Cairo. A man dressed as a veiled woman was arrested in the Rafah area. Egypt's army spokesman said armed forces are continuing their operations to "cleanse the Sinai of terrorism." The leftist Popular Current accused the army of arresting people in its operations in the Sinai. In Qalubiya, authorities arrested Nabil al Maghraby, previously imprisoned for his role in the murder of Anwar Sadat, for plotting attacks since his release from prison. A son of a major tribal leader in the Sinai was reportedly killed by Islamist militants for cooperating with the army.

Three policemen were killed in a shooting by unidentified gunmen in Mansoura. Security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters clashed at Al Azhar University. Authorities reportedly arrested 25 Islamist militants wanted in connection with attacks on Interior Minister Ibrahim and al Warraq church.

As Egypt's Brotherhood retreats, risk of extremism rises

In Egypt's Countryside, Vendettas Between Police and Islamists Simmer

Authorities detained dozens of suspects wanted in connection with recent attacks against security personnel and assets in the Sinai. Authorities are investigating whether any government officers are being wiretapped. The UAE plans to provide Egypt with $3.9 billion in aid.

Ansar Jerusalem released a video detailing its Sept. 5 assassination attempt on Egypt's Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim. Three people wanted in connected with recent attacks in el Arish were arrested. A complaint against former interim vice president Mohamed el Baradei for "betrayal of trust" was dismissed. Schools in the North Sinai resumed operations after being closed due to ongoing violence in the area.

Egypt's 'War on Terror': The dangers ahead

Angry Over Syrian War, Saudis Fault US Policy

Ansar Jerusalem releases video of assassination attempt on Egypt's interior minister

Almost two months after claiming responsibility for the Sept. 5 assassination attempt on Egyptian interior minister Mohammed Ibrahim, the Sinai-based jihadist group Ansar Jerusalem released video detailing the attack. The bomber was reportedly trained in a camp run by Muhammed Jamal al Kashef.

Authorities discovered a field hospital in the Sinai thought to be used by Islamist militants. Authorities raised the alert level on the Libya border to prevent the infiltration of militants. A policeman was shot and killed by gunmen in el Arish, and two border guards were injured by an explosive device. An official in Gamaa al-Islamiya said the group will not return to violence and does not necessarily support the return of Mohammed Morsi. Supporters of former president Morsi called for mass protests on Nov. 4, the day Morsi goes to trial.

Authorities reportedly discovered a major smuggling tunnel from Gaza that was subsequently destroyed. An Egyptian soldier was killed in a shooting attack by unidentified gunmen in central Sinai. Military officers are said to be encouraging army chief Abdel Fattah al Sisi to run for president.

Violent Islamism in Egypt from 1997 to 2012

In Egypt, jihadist group Bayt al-Maqdis claims responsibility for bombing

Sinai Security: Opportunities for Unlikely Cooperation Among Egypt, Israel, and Hamas

At least one civilian was killed in an overnight shooting attack in el Arish. One soldier and a civilian were killed and five others wounded after militants targeted a convoy in the Sinai in a separate attack. Security forces broke up a protest between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood at Cairo University. Prosecutors plan to try four policemen allegedly involved in the deaths of over 35 Islamists in August.