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The presidency announced that foreign efforts to mediate the country's political crisis had failed. Militants in the Sinai reportedly killed a pro-army politician. The Egyptian army claimed that it has killed 60 terrorists and arrested over 100 in the Sinai over the past month.

Authorities arrested two Egyptians at Cairo's airport who were traveling from Turkey with al Qaeda material and arms. In an attack in el Arish, jihadists killed one security person and wounded two others. The army and government are preparing to reach a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood that would see some MB members released from jail, assets unfrozen, and three ministerial positions given to the Islamist group.

Egyptian army responds to jihadist charges of 'crimes' and Israeli drones

Supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi continued protests calling for his reinstatement. Authorities reportedly asked that Hamas question the leader of the Army of Islam in relation to the August 2012 killing of 16 Egyptian soldiers at a military outpost near Rafah. At least two Islamic shrines were bombed in the Sinai. In a separate attack, one soldier was killed by unidentified gunmen in the Sinai. A decree issued by President Mansour will prevent those who insult the presidency from facing time in jail.

Salafi jihadists claim that Israeli drones are operating over Sinai

Al Salafiyya al Jihadiyya in Sinai released a statement detailing alleged "crimes" committed by the Egyptian army in recent weeks. The statement also claimed that the army is allowing Israeli drones to operate over the Sinai.

Excerpts from Washington Post interview with Egyptian Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi

Army chief el Sisi met with Islamist leaders in an attempt to resolve differences intensified since Mohammed Morsi's ouster as president in July. El Sisi also met with US Deputy Secretary of State Burns to discuss the situation in Egypt. Yemeni Nobel laureate Tawakul Karman was deported after arriving in Cairo amid plans to attend pro-Morsi demonstrations. A number of senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders will go to trial on Aug. 25 for alleged involvement in the killing of a number of protesters. An attack in the Sinai by unidentified gunmen left one policeman wounded.

Army chief el Sisi called on the US to do more to have the Muslim Brotherhood end their protests. An army source said 60 militants have been killed in recent operations in the Sinai, including 30 Palestinians. Another source claimed that a "majority" of the militants in the Sinai have been arrested by authorities. An attack by militants in el Arish left at least one policeman wounded. Al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri issued a statement condemning the Muslim Brotherhood and saying that their ouster showed that democracy is corrupt.

Zawahiri rebukes Muslim Brotherhood for trusting democracy

Gaza's Hamas worries as Egypt turns cold shoulder

Supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi called on Egyptians to take to the streets of Cairo and protest outside the headquarters of the army and police. Security personnel fired tear gas at Morsi supporters who reportedly blocked traffic in Cairo. Egyptian police plan to block access rather than disperse a Muslim Brotherhood sit-in in Cairo. Leaflets allegedly tied to an Islamist movement threatened attacks against public facilities and churches if security forces broke up pro-Morsi protests.

US closes diplomatic facilities in response to al Qaeda threat

The State Department said 21 US embassies and consulates will be closed on Sunday, Aug. 4, in response to a suspected threat from an al Qaeda affiliate. No specific details about the threat have been provided. Al Qaeda-linked jihadists assaulted multiple diplomatic facilities in September 2012.

Security sources said that jihadists in the Sinai have ties to Gaza, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, among other countries. Militants killed at least one Central Security conscript in an attack on a hotel in the Sinai. A senior minister said deliberations were still occurring over whether the government would move to disband the Muslim Brotherhood.

Algeria to tackle extremist preaching

The cabinet told the police to clear two protest areas occupied by supporters of former president Morsi; the Muslim Brotherhood responded that protests and sit-ins will continue. Militants failed in an attempt to target security personnel by detonating a landmine in the Sinai. At least 30 people have been killed in the Sinai since June 30.

Egypt's Wild East

NATO says it is keeping close eye on Egypt, plans no action

Unrest in Egypt: Closed Tunnels Could Ruin Hamas

After meeting with former president Morsi, the EU's Catherine Ashton said he is doing well. Turkey's ambassador to Cairo was summoned by the foreign ministry to be told that recent comments by Turkish officials on the situation in Egypt "exceeded all diplomatic traditions and mutual respect." At least two conscripts were injured in new attacks by militants in the Sinai. A total of five security personnel have been killed in the past 36 hours in the Sinai. At least two Yemeni and one Algerian jihadists have been recently arrested in the Sinai.

In Egypt, security state is resurrected after provoking fear in 2011 revolution