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Violent Islamism in Egypt from 1997 to 2012

In Egypt, jihadist group Bayt al-Maqdis claims responsibility for bombing

Sinai Security: Opportunities for Unlikely Cooperation Among Egypt, Israel, and Hamas

At least one civilian was killed in an overnight shooting attack in el Arish. One soldier and a civilian were killed and five others wounded after militants targeted a convoy in the Sinai in a separate attack. Security forces broke up a protest between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood at Cairo University. Prosecutors plan to try four policemen allegedly involved in the deaths of over 35 Islamists in August.

Students from Egypt's al-Azhar University continued to protest and call for the reinstatement of former president Morsi. Security forces reportedly arrested suspects wanted in connection with the recent shooting at a church. Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for the Oct. 19 car bombing near a military intelligence building in Ismailia.

Egyptian Christians fear chaos after wedding bloodshed

Ansar Jerusalem claims responsibility for car bombing in Ismailia

In a statement released to jihadist forums today, Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for the recent car bombing near a military intelligence building in Ismailia. The attack follows previous warnings that it would continue to target locations tied to Egypt's security apparatus.

Three security personnel were wounded in a shooting attack in the Sinai. Three people wanted for attacks on security personnel in the Sinai were arrested. The trial of 25 suspected terrorists was adjourned until mid-December. A suspect was arrested for links to the killing of a number of Shia Muslims last June. Security forces used teargas to disperse protests by Muslim Brotherhood supporters. At least two were killed when unidentified gunmen fired on Christians at a Church in a Cairo suburb.

At least six soldiers were wounded when a car bomb exploded near an Egyptian army intelligence building in the Ismailia. The Egyptian army denounced the attack as a "cowardly" act. The trial of former president Hosni Mubarak resumed in a closed-door session.

Egypt 'looking to Russia' for arms after US aid freeze

A policemen was killed by unidentified gunmen in el Arish. Supporters of former president Morsi held limited protests as security forces closed off squares in Cairo. Authorities seized hundreds of blank Libyan visas at Cairo's airport.

Six Islamist militants were killed as security forces thwarted their plot to target an airport in el Arish. The Muslim Brotherhood called for new protests on Friday. The Justice Ministry is reportedly looking to draft an anti-terrorism law with the potential penalty of execution.

Amid new attacks, Egypt's Copts preserve heritage

Foreign Minister Fahmy said relations with the US were in turmoil. Three people were arrested after their plot to target a police station in Qalyubiya was thwarted. Dutch charter airline Transavia announced it has canceled flights to Sharm el Sheikh due to the threat of rocket fire from Islamist militants in the Sinai. Authorities destroyed a smuggling tunnel used to traffic people in and out of the Gaza Strip.

Officials said a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood was arrested over suspected links to the recent attack on a satellite station in Maadi, which has been claimed by the al Furqan Brigades. Security forces closed off a number of major squares to prevent protests by supporters of former president Morsi.

Laboratory of Violence: Egypt Struggles for Control of Sinai

Security forces clashed with Islamist militants in the Sinai after an attack on a police bus. Three security personnel were reportedly injured in the attack. Officials claimed an American being held in a jail for violating curfew in the Sinai had committed suicide. A military air crash left one dead and three injured in Luxor.

Militants attempting to plant an explosive device were killed when the device exploded prematurely. An army spokesman said operations against Islamist militants in the northern Sinai were continuing. Al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri called on Egyptian Muslims "to unite around the word of Tawhid to rid Egypt of this criminal gang." An Egyptian general alleged that the US was sending jihadists to the Sinai.

U.S. quietly observes coup law on Egypt aid, but shuns term

Egypt now fighting 'an enemy it doesn't know' as attacks by militant cells rise