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U.S. quietly observes coup law on Egypt aid, but shuns term

Egypt now fighting 'an enemy it doesn't know' as attacks by militant cells rise

At least one person was killed during clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces in the Nile Delta province of Sharqia. Clashes also took place in the city of Alexandria, where protesters marked 100 days since the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi. At least six soldiers were wounded by IEDs in Rafah.

In Egypt, a campaign to promote an 'Egyptian Islam'

A suicide bomber in the Sinai killed four security personnel at a checkpoint. The army claimed to have arrested those behind the Oct. 7 suicide bombing in South Sinai that was claimed by Ansar Jerusalem. The army also announced the seizure of drugs and weapons near the border with Libya. A foreign ministry spokesman said the US decision to cut off some aid to Egypt was "wrong."

Some Egyptian Islamists on haj pray for victory against generals

Special Report: The real force behind Egypt's 'revolution of the state'

U.S. Allies Fret Over Shift on Aid to Egypt

Egyptians worry Sinai violence could spread

Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing on the South Sinai Security Directorate in el Tor. Interim President Adly Mansour provided authorization for the army to fully mobilize beginning in November. During a surpise visit to Sharm el Sheikh Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim criticized security forces at a checkpoint in Dahab. A military intelligence office in Rafah was targeted by an explosive device. Egyptian officials suggested they were caught off guard by reports that the US was reducing aid to Egypt.

Pakistanis of all faiths protect churches with human chains

Ansar Jerusalem claims credit for suicide bombing of South Sinai Security Directorate

The Salafi jihadist group has claimed the Oct. 7 suicide attack against the South Sinai Security Directorate in el Tor, which is at least the second suicide bombing it has carried out.

In Egypt's Sinai, military's harsh campaign earns pledges of retaliation

The Army said operations "to cleanse the Sinai of terrorism" continue. Authorities seized weapon caches and arrested suspects linked to recent attacks in the Sinai. Gunmen killed a policeman in Port Said. Cameras may be installed at tourist sites to help deter attacks by Islamist militants. The interim government revoked the permit for the Muslim Brotherhood's NGO. A security source said the attackers of a security building in El Tour had participated in Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins. The Interior Minister will soon name those behind the assassination attempt on him, which Ansar Jerusalem has claimed. Muslim Brotherhood supporters at Cairo University protested against the government. General al Sisi said a senior Muslim Brotherhood official had warned him of violent Islamist attacks if Mohammed Morsi were overthrown.

Al Furqan Brigades claim attack on satellite station in Cairo

Dark Clouds Over the Sinai

At least two people were killed and over 40 injured after a suspected suicide bomber targeted a security building in the Sinai. Six security personnel were killed in an attack near the Suez Canal. RPGs struck communication satellite dishes in Cairo. The airport in Cairo was put into a state of emergency as a result of attacks throughout the country.

At least 28 people were killed in clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. In several separate incidents, seven people were killed in clashes between security forces and terrorists in the Sinai. Authorities arrested 25 people purportedly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood who were accused of possessing explosives at a metro station.

Terrorism newest worry for cargo ships

Christians under threat in Syria as Islamist extremists gain influence