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An explosive device struck a military vehicle in the Sinai and injured four soldiers. Authorities continued to target Islamist militants operating in the Sinai. Egypt's central bank announced that it had received a deposit of $2 billion from Kuwait.

Egypt's Sinai is a 'Land of Fear'

Jordan Islamists denounce Egypt's brotherhood ban

Authorities raided a village near the Giza pyramids in search of those responsible for the August killing of 15 policemen in Kerdasa. The Palestinian ambassador said the ongoing security situation in the Sinai is stalling the reopening of the Rafah crossing with Gaza. The Muslim Brotherhood said it has moved its media office to London. An Israeli security delegation reportedly traveled to Egypt for more discussions with Egyptian officials on the security situation in the Sinai. Foreign Minister Fahmy warned that Hamas will face a "severe" response if it harms Egyptian national security.

Security forces continued to target Islamist militants operating in the Sinai and destroy smuggling tunnels along the border with Gaza. The Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center, a jihadist media unit, called for attacks against the army. An Egyptian court banned all Muslim Brotherhood activities and ordered the seizure of assets tied to the Islamist group. Foreign Minister Fahmy said those recently arrested during protests will face civilian trials.

Jihadist media unit urges fighters to strike Egyptian army

In the latest jihadist call for direct attacks on the Egyptian army, a media unit tied to the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem released a statement saying now is the time for "the mujahideen" to strike the army.

Security forces continued to target Islamist militants in operations in the Sinai. The army's spokesman said the army does not plan to nominate or support a specific candidate in presidential elections. Student supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested for partaking in protests.

The Youth Movement of Tawhid and Jihad in Egypt in a recent statement declared war on the US and said the Egyptian army is simply an arm of the US. The army reportedly agreed to revise in absentia sentences for over 600 Sinai residents. Authorities continued operations in the Sinai against Islamist militants, while two soldiers were injured by a roadside bomb.

Sharia Courts of the Sinai

Militants attacked a bus belonging to security personnel traveling in Rafah. Security forces were said to be hunting down Muslim Brotherhood supporters after taking over the town of Kerdasa. Clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters were reported in a number of cities. The navy allegedly fired upon refugees trying to flee the civil war in Syria.

At least one police officer was killed during clashes between militants and security forces in the town of Kardasa. Authorities reportedly arrested 51 people in Kardasa. The country's cabinet announced plans to shorten the country's curfew by two hours beginning Saturday. Egypt returned $2 billion that Qatar had deposited in the country's central bank. 15 people were reportedly arrested in operations in the Sinai Peninsula.

Authorities partially reopened the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip, which had been closed after two suicide car bombings in the Sinai. Gama'a al Islamiya said that it is opposed to attacks on Egyptian security forces. A military court sentenced five Palestinians to a year in prison for trying to illegally enter Egyptian territorial waters.

Sinai peacekeepers under siege as Egypt battles Islamists

Authorities reportedly arrested Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad el Haddad. Operations against Islamist militants in the Sinai continued. The army's spokesman said operations in the Sinai will continue until they are completed. Israeli officials met with their Egyptian counterparts to discuss the security situation in the Sinai. A court ordered the freezing of assets tied to Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Unidentified gunmen killed a policeman and a soldier in the Nile Delta.

Authorities retook the town of Delga from Muslim Brotherhood supporters who had attacked the Christian community in the town since taking it over in July. Unidentified gunmen targeted a security checkpoint in North Sinai. At least nine policemen were injured when a bomb targeted their bus in the Sinai.

Egyptian army claims successes as jihadists allege 'massacre'

The Egyptian army announced that recent operations in the Sinai have led to the arrests of numerous "terrorist elements" as well as the seizure of a variety of weaponry. A leading Sinai jihadist group contended, however, that a recent army operation killed seven civilians, including four children.

The army's spokesman said operations in the Sinai will continue. The spokesman also said that 309 militants have been arrested in the Sinai in recent months. Authorities said they foiled a plot by militants in Gaza to attack Egyptian forces. The trial of a journalist known for covering the Sinai was postponed until Sept. 18.

Authorities continued their campaign against Islamist militants in the Sinai. A pro-Morsi alliance accused the army of launching a "genocide" in the Sinai. The detention of former president Morsi was extended for another 30 days. Morsi supporters held a number of demonstrations throughout the country. Authorities reportedly thwarted an attack on ships traveling through the Suez.

Egypt army in major push to eradicate Sinai militants

Has The Insurgency In Egypt Already Begun?