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Sinai's St. Catherine's Starves, Monastery Shuts Down

Egypt's Buffer-Zone Move Shocks Hamas

Islamists have taken over the southern city of Dalga, which has a population of 120,000, of whom 20,000 are Christian. Clashes between security forces and supporters of former president Morsi left at least two people dead. Leading Muslim Brotherhood member Mohsen Rady, the former head of the Culture and Information Committee at the People's Assembly, was arrested in Nasr City.

A bomb exploded in the Cairo district of Nasr City, an Islamist stronghold, narrowly missing Interior Minister Ibrahim shortly after he left his home; 22 people were injured by the blast, including 10 police officers and a child. After the attack, in which gunmen also strafed his vehicle, Ibrahim warned of more terrorist attacks; Islamists have increasingly called for violence in the wake of the government's crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. A security force said the government will start establishing a buffer zone between Egypt and the Gaza Strip; the first phase will start south of the Rafah crossing.

Obama weighs Egypt aid suspension

Al Salafiyya al Jihadiyya again accused the Egyptian army of lying about operations in the Sinai, and praised 'the mujahideen' for fighting the Egyptian army. Gunmen killed a clan chief in the Sinai who was said to be supportive of the army. A police officer was shot dead in a revenge killing in Aswan.

Sinai jihadists accuse Egyptian army of lying about operations, praise Sinai 'mujahideen'

A new statement by al Salafiyya al Jihadiyya denied the existence of al Qaeda in the Sinai as an organization, and accused the Egyptian army of lying about recent operations. The group noted the alleged arrest of Adel Mohammed Ibrahim and recent airstrikes, which Egyptian authorities claimed had killed at least eight militants.

Middle East - Christian figures to hold coordination talks over growing threat

Army operations in the Sinai reportedly killed at least eight Islamist militants. Eleven supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi were sentenced to life in prison for attacking the army. A court ordered the closure of a number of television stations, including Al Jazeera, and one tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

AP confirms former bin Laden doctor leading jihadists in Sinai

At least 8 militants reportedly killed by Egyptian army in Sinai

Egyptian forces today carried out a number of strikes on jihadist positions in the Sinai, killing at least eight militants. In addition, recent arrests in the Sinai have tied the MSC in Jerusalem to the recent killing of more than 20 policemen.

The Muslim Brotherhood announced plans for new protests in the days ahead. At least two civilians were wounded when a bomb was thrown near a police station in Cairo. Two Islamists militants, possibly tied to the MSC in Jerusalem, wanted in connection with the recent killing of more than 20 policemen and rocket attacks on Israel were arrested. A judicial panel recommended that the Muslim Brotherhood be dissolved as an NGO.

Insight: As Obama blinks on Syria, Israel, Saudis make common cause

The public prosecutor announced that former president Morsi will be tried for inciting violence. Authorities destroyed a number of homes near Gaza as a 'prelude' to the possible construction of a buffer zone with the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave. A top jihadist recently arrested in the Sinai admitted to being responsible for the recent killing of over 20 policemen. Islamists were suspected to be behind the killing of a Copt in the Sinai. Three people were arrested for firing on ships passing through the Suez Canal. Family members of al Qaeda's emir Ayman al Zawahiri were recently arrested in Nasr City.

Top jihadist reportedly arrested in Sinai

Suicide Bombing Shakes Sinai Amid Security Crackdown

Radicalization in the Sinai Peninsula

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant calls on Egyptians to wage 'jihad' against army

A new audio message from an ISIL spokesman denounced the Muslim Brotherhood as being worse than secularists. In addition, the spokesman called on Egyptian Muslims to wage 'jihad' against the army.

The Egyptian army announced the arrest of dozens of "takfirists" and "criminal elements" in the Sinai. One of those arrested in the Sinai, Adel Mohammed (Adel Habara), is said to be a top militant wanted in connection with the recent killing of over 20 policemen. A police officer on patrol in the Sinai was reportedly killed by unidentified gunmen. Jihadists were suspected in an attack involving RPGs on a bank in el Arish. The Egyptian army reportedly destroyed 10 smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. A terror plot intended to strike a ship in the Suez Canal failed.

Security forces arrested eight Muslim Brotherhood members wanted in connection with recent attacks in the Sinai. Supporters of former president Morsi held protests in Cairo; turnout was said to be low. Despite the low turnout, at least six people were reportedly killed in clashes.