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Egyptian army claims successes as jihadists allege 'massacre'

The Egyptian army announced that recent operations in the Sinai have led to the arrests of numerous "terrorist elements" as well as the seizure of a variety of weaponry. A leading Sinai jihadist group contended, however, that a recent army operation killed seven civilians, including four children.

The army's spokesman said operations in the Sinai will continue. The spokesman also said that 309 militants have been arrested in the Sinai in recent months. Authorities said they foiled a plot by militants in Gaza to attack Egyptian forces. The trial of a journalist known for covering the Sinai was postponed until Sept. 18.

Authorities continued their campaign against Islamist militants in the Sinai. A pro-Morsi alliance accused the army of launching a "genocide" in the Sinai. The detention of former president Morsi was extended for another 30 days. Morsi supporters held a number of demonstrations throughout the country. Authorities reportedly thwarted an attack on ships traveling through the Suez.

Egypt army in major push to eradicate Sinai militants

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Jund al Islam claims credit for Sinai suicide car bomb attacks

Jund-al-Islam-Logo.pngIn a statement released to jihadist forums, a group named Jund al Islam took credit for the recent suicide car bomb attacks in the Sinai that killed at least six people. The group said a video detailing the attacks will be released soon.

A group calling itself Jund al Islam took credit for the recent suicide car bomb attacks in the Sinai. Two policemen were injured after unidentified gunmen attacked their vehicle in Qaliubiya. Fourteen security personnel on trial for the killing of protesters in Suez in 2011 were acquitted. The presidency said it is extending the state of emergency for at least another two months. Medical sources said at least 121 people have been killed in the Sinai since June 30. State television alleged that Hamas is training Islamists in Egypt.

Two suicide car bombs were used in attacks in the Sinai that left at least six dead. Ansar Jerusalem, a jihadist group in the Sinai, said in a new statement that 'it is obligatory' to fight the Egyptian army. An army prosecutor said that a journalist known for reporting in the Sinai was aiding Islamist militants. Authorities reportedly arrested 23 Egyptians trying to flee to Libya.

Hamas seeks to lower tension with Egypt

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Ansar Jerusalem claims credit for Sinai attacks, challenges army claims

Suicide car bombs strike Egyptian security forces in Sinai

Two suicide car bombings in the Sinai Peninsula targeting Egyptian security personnel left at least six people dead and over a dozen wounded. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but officials suspect Ansar Jerusalem is responsible.

A tribal leader in the Sinai expressed concern over reports of the creation of a buffer zone between Egypt and Gaza. Clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces in the northern Sinai left at least one dead. Authorities claimed to have killed nine Islamist militants during ongoing operations in the Sinai. As part of the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, authorities announced plans to forbid 55,000 unlicensed clerics from preaching in mosques.

Egypt tightens Sinai security, assesses militant threat

Egyptian security forces continued their latest operation against Islamist militants in the Sinai. During the operation, authorities reportedly destroyed six smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza. A security source warned that Ansar Jerusalem's recent claim of responsibility for the assassination attempt on Interior Minister Ibrahim could be 'misleading.' Nabil Naim, a founder of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, alleged that the Muslim Brotherhood was funding Ansar Jerusalem.

Ansar Jerusalem claims credit for assassination attempt on Egypt's interior minister

Three days after a massive bomb targeted Egypt's interior minister, the Sinai-based jihadist group Ansar Jerusalem announced that a suicide bomber from its group was responsible for the attack. The announcement comes amid an ongoing crackdown on Islamist militants in the Sinai by Egyptian security forces.

Unidentified gunmen shot and killed two Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai. Two additional soldiers were killed by an IED explosion in the Sinai. Authorities continued their operations against Islamists militants in the Sinai, which on Sept. 7 killed or wounded around 30. Ansar Jerusalem claimed credit for the recent assassination attempt on Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim.

Egypt shutting economic lifeline for Gaza Strip, in move to isolate Hamas

Security sources said that the Egyptian army undertook a massive operation in the Sinai against Islamist militants. Former president Morsi is facing new charges of insulting judges. An IED exploded at a Cairo police station. Authorities suspended service on the Suez-Ismailia railway line after three mortars were discovered on the track. A flight from Cairo to London was delayed after fears of a bomb aboard the flight.

Egyptian officials say 30 killed or wounded in latest Sinai operation

Just days after reportedly killing eight Islamist militants, Egyptian authorities carried out another major operation in the Sinai, which allegedly left 30 dead or wounded. The latest operation also comes in the wake of an assassination attempt on Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim.