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Egypt's Christians pray for peace after months of unrest

Egypt and the Threat of Islamic Terror

Gas pipeline targeted in last Sinai attack of 2013

Interior Minister Ibrahim said 90% of those behind the Mansoura attack have been arrested. North Sinai security forces defused a roadside bomb. Authorities increased security around churches in Cairo and Giza in preparation for the New Year. A former Muslim Brotherhood official said Ansar Jerusalem and the al Furqan Brigades are branches of the Brotherhood. The Justice Ministry asked Qatar to arrest al Gamaa al Islamiya leader Assem Abdel-Maged; authorities also ordered an asset freeze on some 500 Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist figures. Militants were believed to have attacked a gas pipeline in Sinai.

Egyptian presidential advisor: Brotherhood ideology a crime against society

Hamas rejects terror label of Egypt Islamists

A high-level security official said 70 policemen have been killed in North Sinai since June 30. The army spokesman announced the seizure of a weapons cache in North Sinai. A court banned protests at universities without a permit, while 139 pro-Morsi protesters received two-year prison sentences. Authorities arrested three reporters affiliated with al Jazeera.

At least four security personnel were injured in a bomb attack outside a military intelligence headquarters in Sharqiya province; security sources suggested the attack was a car bomb. The army said operations in North Sinai resulted in the destruction of four smuggling tunnels and arrest of three terrorists. Authorities defused a bomb at al Azhar University's Faculty of Medicine in Damietta and another bomb near a school in el Arish.

Suspected car bomb wounds 4 Egyptian soldiers in Sharkiya

At least one protester was killed during clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters al Azhar University in Cairo. Human Rights Watch called on the Egyptian government to reverse its decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Authorities managed to defuse a bomb on a bus in Heliopolis. The army spokesman said 13 people were arrested in new operations in North Sinai. Unidentified gunmen targeted a military intelligence building in el Arish.

Security sources said they managed to identify the suicide bomber behind the recent attack in Mansoura. The Interior Ministry said the recent bombing in Nasr City was aimed at security personnel. At least three people were killed and more than 260 arrested during clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. The Muslim Brotherhood said the decision of the interim government to deem it a terrorist organization was illegal.

Ansar Jerusalem does not have a Twitter account

As 2014 dawns, Israel keeps a nervous eye on regional jihadist groups

At least five people were wounded when a bomb exploded near a bus in Cairo. Security sources claimed there is an alliance between Ansar Jerusalem, the al Furqan Brigades, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Gamaa Islamiyya said the government's decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group opens the door to violence. Unidentified gunmen wounded a policeman in a shooting attack in the Beheira Governorate. Authorities arrested dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members in security sweeps. A new poll found that over a third of Egyptians hold the Brotherhood responsible for the recent Mansoura bombing, which was claimed by Ansar Jerusalem.

Egypt Brotherhood may radicalise after terror listing

The Muslim Brotherhood was declared to be a terrorist organization by the interim government. Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for the Dec. 24 suicide bombing in Mansoura that killed more than a dozen. The army spokesman said authorities thwarted a plot, allegedly involving a Hamas member, to target a security post in Sinai. Authorities reportedly arrested a doctor tied to the al Furqan Brigades in North Sinai. At least three people were wounded when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus in North Sinai. Hisham Qandil, the country's former prime minister, was detained as he tried to flee to Sudan.

Analysis: As Egypt hardliners gain, scope for conflict grows

Egypt designates Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group

Ansar Jerusalem claims responsibility for Mansoura suicide bombing

The attack in Mansoura came a day after the Sinai-based group had called on Egyptian security forces to stop serving. In its statement, Ansar Jerusalem noted that the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber, at least the third used by the group in recent months.

At least 12 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a bombing at a security building in Mansoura. The Interior Ministry said preliminary investigations suggested the attack was a suicide car bombing. Mansoura residents attacked property linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, while political bodies blamed the Brotherhood for the attack. Overnight a roadside bomb targeted a security vehicle near el Arish.