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Samiullah Afridi flees to Dubai after receiving threats

Scotland Yard counter-terrorism unit investigate Dubai abduction

Indian pays for Iran oil in rupees, Turkey route halted: sources

Exclusive: Turkey to Iran gold trade wiped out by new U.S. sanction

Karzai Family Moves to Protect Its Privilege

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'Assassination of Pak minority affairs minister organised by Ilyas Kashmiri'

In Kabul, Taliban videos hold allure

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How al-Qaida planned to bomb Heathrow

The import and export of suicide bombers

Karzai says West had role in bank crisis, wants US ties reviewed

Violence escalates in Gaza

Afghan elite borrowed freely from Kabul bank

Afghan officials shielded bank from scrutiny

US to send agents to fight Afghan smuggling

'Malign' Afghans targeted: US and Afghan allies describe web of corruption but say prosecution stalls

Insurgents arrested on Afghan plane