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Hacking U.S. Secrets, China Pushes for Drones

A court in the northwestern region of Xinjiang sentenced four Uighur men for a terrorist attack on June 26 that left 24 police and civilians dead as well as 13 militants. Alleged ringleader Ahmatniyaz Sidiq was sentenced to death, along with Urayim Eli and Abdulla Esrapil. The fourth man, Akram Usman, was sentenced to 25 years in jail. The court also said the men had advocated and spread religious extremism.

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A court in Xinjiang sentenced five Uighur men for a "terror attack" in the city of Kashgar in April that killed 15 people. The defendants, who received sentences ranging from nine years to life in prison, were accused of printing extremist literature as well as attacking and killing police officers and community workers.

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Paramilitary troops commenced round-the-clock patrols in the restive western province of Xinjiang, where clashes between security forces and Islamist Uighurs have claimed the lives of at least 56 people in the past few months. Authorities have blamed recent violence on a 17-member militant Islamist cell formed in January by a man identified as Aihemaitiniyazi Sidike. At least five members of the cell were captured, including the alleged mastermind.