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Amnesty Says North Caucasus Authorities Threaten Security As Much As Militants

Chechen Adversaries Unveil Rival Concepts Of Jihad

Russians capture Arab judge for Caucasus Emirates

Information War Highlights Intensified Fighting In Chechnya

Iran nuclear tensions put Caucasus on alert

Russian forces kill Caucasus Emirate's commander for Dagestan

Author Q&A: 'The Insurgency in Chechnya and the North Caucasus'

ISAF beats back assault on eastern Afghan base

Afghan officials claimed that 60 to 70 Haqqani Network and foreign fighters were killed during fighting at Combat Outpost Margah in Paktika province.

How Suicide Bombers Are Trained in North Caucasus

Fighters from 'Caucasus Mujahideen in Khorasan' issue message to 'brothers' in southern Russia

A group of jihadists based in the Afghan-Pakistan region issued a videotape to their "brothers" in the Islamic Caucasus Emirate and their emir, Doku Umarov.

Leader of Islamic charity sentenced to nearly 3 years in money smuggling case

8 killed in suicide attack in Chechen capital

Internal divisions resolved, claims Caucasus Emirate

Recalcitrant Chechen commanders have retaken their oath of allegiance to Umarov.

Hezbollah suspects told to come forward in Lebanon

Rector at Muslim university in Russia is shot to death

US designates North Caucasus insurgency as terrorist organization

US adds Islamic Caucasus Emirate to list of terror groups

Doku-Riyah-video-Kavkaz.jpgThe US indicated that additional actions would be taken against the Islamic Caucasus Emirate.

Doku Umarov says Russia is part of 'a single theater of war'

Islamic Caucasus Emirates confirms death of 'Russian bin Laden'

Abdullah Kurd was a leader in the International Islamic Battalion, al Qaeda's foreign legion in the Caucasus.

Taliban join the Twitter revolution