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Bulgaria to extradite Frenchman linked to Paris attacks

Bulgarian police acting on European arrest warrants detained French citizen Fritz-Joly Joachin, who is of Haitian origin, as he was trying to cross over into Turkey from Bulgaria. Joachin reportedly had contacts with Cherif Kouachi, one of the twin brothers suspected in last week's terrorist attack in Paris, shortly before leaving France for Turkey. A Muslim convert, Joachin was allegedly trying to take his three-year-old son to join a jihadist community in Syria. France has requested Joachin's extradition.

Authorities raided over 40 homes in Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Smolyan, Haskovo, and Asenovgrad, in a crackdown on suspected Islamist militants and arrested prayer leader Ahmed Mussa at a Pazardzhik mosque. Mussa and six others were charged with membership in a radical Islamist group and propagating war; authorities allege that the suspects tried to recruit fighters for the Islamic State. A later report said only Mussa remains in detention.

Bulgarian authorities identified the bomber in the 2012 Burqas attack as Mohamad Hassan El-Husseini, 25, who held dual Lebanese-French citizenship. His two accomplices in the attack, Meliad Farah, 32, a.k.a. Hussein Hussein, an Australian citizen, and Hassan al-Hajj Hassan, 25, a Canadian citizen, remain at large and will be tried in absentia. The attack on a tourist bus at a Black Sea resort killed five Israelis as well as the bomber, and wounded over 30 people.

Interior Minister Yovchev said he is certain that Hezbollah was responsible for the Burgas terrorist attack that killed five Israelis in 2012. Bulgarian media claimed that the Burgas suicide bomber was born in Algeria and had trained in south Lebanon camps, and that two of his accomplices, Meliad Farah and al-Hajj Hassan, were of Lebanese origin.

120 detained for attacking Bulgarian mosque

Bulgaria plans to try two alleged members of Hezbollah in absentia for last year's bombing in Burgas that killed five Israelis. The suspects, Australian citizen Meliad Farah, a.k.a. Hussein Hussein, and Canadian citizen Hassan El Hajj Hassan, are both Lebanese but have not lived in Lebanon for some time. Bulgarian authorities are seeking the extradition of two suspects in the case from unnamed countries.

Father of Canadian wanted for Bulgarian terror attack defends 'good' son's innocence

FBI seeking information on Burgas terror suspects

Suspect in Burgas bombing flew to Lebanon before blast: report

Is one of the Burgas terror suspects actively using Facebook?

Bulgarian media reported that the two suspected Hezbollah operatives identified by authorities on July 25 had received about $100,000 in money transfers from Hezbollah. The money, which helped finance the Burgas attack, reportedly went into their bank accounts in Canada and Australia.

Names of Hezbollah terrorists linked to Burgas attack released

Burgas Hezbollah Suspects - Meliad Farah & Hassan El Hajj Hassan.jpgBulgarian authorities today revealed the names and photos of two Hezbollah operatives believed to have been part of the Burgas terror attack last July. The two men are thought to be living in southern Lebanon.

Burgas bomb reportedly tied to Nazareth and Thailand terror plots

EU Terrorist Group Designation to Have Little Impact on Hezbollah

EU adds Hezbollah's military wing to terror list

European Union foreign ministers today reached a unanimous decision to designate the military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. In the past, the terror group has denied that Hezbollah has separate political and military wings.

1 year after Burgas: What do we know?

One Year On, Bulgaria Still Hunts for Anti-Israeli Bus Bomber

Bulgaria: Leads in Terror Act Probe Point at Hezbollah

Bulgaria's New Interior Backs Version of Hezbollah Role in Burgas Terror Attack