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12 Azeri jihadists reported killed in Syria

Azerbaijan To Tighten Antiterror Legislation

Foreign regimes use spyware against journalists, even in US

Muslims In Daghestan, Azerbaijan Call For Boycott Of New Year Celebrations

Security forces arrested a third Azerbaijani citizen suspected to be part of a cell that was planning to bomb a mosque in Baku. The men allegedly belong to a "religious" terrorist group.

A Baku court handed down prison sentences to 29 members of a group for plotting terrorist attacks on President Aliyev, police, hotels, and government buildings during the Eurovision song contest in Baku in 2012. The group's leader, Vugar Padarov, was killed before the attacks could occur; members of the group were said to have trained in Iran, Syria, and Pakistan, and to have fought against NATO in Afghanistan.

Hasan Faraji, an Iranian who was arrested in late October near the Israeli Embassy in Baku, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Authorities accused him of plotting to attack the embassy, after allegedly finding blueprints and photos of the embassy in his apartment and evidence of contacts with Iran's Quds Force and key Iranian officials.

Bahram Feyzi, an Iranian citizen, was sentenced to 15 years in jail for planning to attack the Israeli Embassy in Baku. He was arrested in March, as were 21 others who were plotting attacks on American, Israeli, and Jewish targets; at least seven of those arrested have been sentenced to jail.

Why Argentina is reaching out to Iran

Reports of Israeli drones operating in Azerbaijan spark Iranian condemnation, threats

Heron-TP.jpg Iran claims Israel is operating three separate drone platforms from Azerbaijan to conduct "secret spy missions" into Iranian territory. Iranian officials threatened that any drone crossing into Iranian airspace would receive a "sharp counterblow."

Israel to use drones in Azerbaijan for possible Iran strike: report

Kroes reveals Azerbaijan hack attack

An Azerbaijani court convicted 22 people for assisting Iran in plotting terrorist attacks on US and Israeli targets in the country. The defendants were accused of planning attacks in cooperation with Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Azerbaijan Sees Clashes Over Hijab Ban

Insight: Azerbaijan eyes aiding Israel against Iran

Why Azerbaijan is closer to Israel than Iran

Drone makers urge US to ease limits on sales to foreign nations

Olympic experts sure they can repel cyber threats

Iran and Azerbaijan, Wary Neighbors, Find Less to Agree On

Azerbaijani security forces arrested 40 suspects and seized weapons, thwarting a series of planned terrorist attacks against the Eurovision Song Contest. Targets included the contest venue and major hotels.