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Canadian military mum on CF-18 inflicted casualties

Immigration Minister Morrison reached out to the family of four brothers from Sydney said to have gone to Turkey to join the Islamic State in Syria; he also urged citizens to call a hotline to report any suspected terrorist activities. Over 60 Australians are known to be currently fighting abroad.

Banks are scaling back on overseas remittance services as government seeks to cut off terrorist funding sources; the New South Wales Crime Commission's latest report revealed that in one case that may have involved financing of terrorism in Syria and Iraq, a single remitter sent over $265 million overseas during an eight-year period. Ali al-Hasanat, an Australian resident with a criminal record who was deported to Jordan, is facing trial in Jordan for threatening to kill Australian tourists and bomb the Australian Embassy in Amman.

Prime Minister Abbott said that 200 Australian special forces troops will be moving into Iraq; they had been waiting for clearance in the UAE for over a month. The Defense Ministry declined to speculate on further troop commitments.

Authorities are seeking to determine the veracity of reports that an Australian man has died in Syria fighting for the Islamic State; if confirmed, it will be the third such incident in a month. The Islamic State and the Al Nusrah Front have seized thousands of hectares of cropland in Syria and Iraq developed by a longterm multimillion-dollar Australian government program.

A Shia Muslim man was shot outside an Islamic center in southwest Sydney, reportedly by local Islamic State supporters. Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, two Australians who joined the Islamic State in Syria in late 2013, have been linked to Australian construction kingpin George Alex, who is currently under investigation for corrupt business practices.

Taliban return to Afghan town that rose up and drove out its leaders

Australia trying to confirm death of IS militant Mohammad Ali Baryalei

Who are the members of the coalition against ISIS?

Tony Abbott ready for Australia to join fight against Islamic State despite measured response

Europe Tries to Stop Flow of Citizens Joining Jihad

After jihadist arrests, Australian mufti rejects Islamic State fatwa

FBI expects ISIS to retaliate for airstrikes

French, US planes strike Islamic State, Britain to join coalition

Police said that Abdul Numan Haider, 18, an Islamic State supporter who was shot dead at a Melbourne police station after stabbing two policemen, may not have acted alone. Haider had been investigating the travel plans of Prime Minister Abbott. Islamic State recruiter Mohammad Ali Baryalei reportedly was influenced by the speeches of al Qaeda ideologue Anwar al Awlaki.

A man who had threatened Prime Minister Abbott and was being investigated as a suspected Islamic State terrorist was shot and killed after he stabbed two officers at a Melbourne police station, wounding one of them critically. The government has canceled the passports of over 60 Australians to stop them from traveling to the Middle East to fight for the Islamic State or the Al Nusrah Front.

Australian Federal Police to take over Parliament security after 'chatter' about possible terrorist attack; investigation into 'beheading plot' continues

Who's who in coalition to defeat Islamic State

Over 800 police conducted raids across Sydney, with 25 search warrants, looking for suspects linked to an Islamic State beheading plot. At least three raids were also conducted in Brisbane. Fifteen people have been detained in Sydney, including Omarjan Azari, 22, and are thought to have been tasked by Australian IS operative Mohammad Ali Baryalei with filming the beheading of an Australian for use in IS propaganda. A warrant was issued last week for the arrest of Baryalei, an IS commander who has recruited at least 30 Australians and is thought to be in Syria. Police said they had been tracking the plot since May, and warned that the suspects were planning attacks in Australia. Raids in Brisbane were linked to arrests last week of two suspected Al Nusrah Front recruiters. Earlier this week men in a car with an Islamic State flag made death threats outside a Maronite Christian school in Sydney. Authorities shut down a Sydney money-transfer business suspected of funneling cash to terrorists, and seized passports of persons in Melbourne linked to jailed terrorist Abdul Nacer Benbrika.

Islamic State crisis: World leaders pledge Iraq support