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Pakistan - US must seal Afghan border for NWA push: Pak official

Echoes of Iraq: Yemen's War Against al-Qaeda Takes a Familiar Turn

Al Nusrah Front claims yet another suicide bombing in Syria

Al-Qaeda Resurgent In Iraq On The Back Of Syrian Turmoil

West Africa 'ignoring underlying causes of hunger'

US drone strikes in Yemen defended

Al Qaeda calls on jihadists to attack NATO supplies, 'secure the back' of the Afghan Taliban

Ustad Ahmad Farooq, al Qaeda's spokesman for Pakistan, said that jihadists must "pay special attention to targeting American and NATO supply lines" in order to help their "Afghan brothers."

No need for joint North Waziristan operation, says Pakistani military, as it is underway

After years of neglect and post-Mubarak security void, Islamic extremism grows in Sinai

The Long View: The Taliban Express

Taliban suicide bombers kill 3 ISAF troops in Kunar

The pair of suicide bombers hit Western soldiers as they were going to a meeting of the provincial council.

US kills AQAP bombmaker, 9 fighters in pair of strikes in Yemen

Two Egyptians, a Tunisian, a Saudi, and a Bahraini were among the seven AQAP fighters killed in one of the strikes. Abdullah Awad al Masri, a senior al Qaeda bombmaker, was also killed.

US adds Saudi al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan to terror list

Mansur al Harbi runs an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, and helps foreign fighters enter the country. He has close ties to top al Qaeda leaders, including Saif al Adel.

Spain terror arrests put paragliding in spotlight with revelation suspects took lessons

Despite losses, Somalia's Shebab remain major threat

US is the driving force behind the fighting in Somalia

Lawyer who defended suspected al Qaeda militants in Turkey killed in Aleppo

Turkish jihadist websites announced the "martyrdom" of Osman Karahan, publicly known as the lawyer defending al Qaeda members in Turkey.

A Mafia in FATA: Haqqanis and Drones

Al Qaeda emir for Kunar, deputy, and facilitator killed in airstrikes

Mufti Assad, the emir for Kunar, and his deputy, Yusuf, were killed in the Aug. 3 airstrike in the Watahpur district. Both al Qaeda leaders were Pakistani citizens. Fatah Gul, an al Qaeda facilitator who ran training camps, was killed in a separate strike.

US thinktank reveals Haqqani, Pakistan nexus