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Afghanistan - now what?

Israeli soldier killed in border clash with 'terrorists'

Israeli troops killed three "terrorists" who attacked a construction crew as it was building a security fence along the border with Egypt. One of the terrorists was wearing a suicide vest.

Tension high in northern Kenya over fleeing Al- Shabaab

Mogadishu, Somalia, leader knows he might not survive being mayor

Muslim Youth Center threatens attacks in East Africa

State Department warns Americans against travel to Pakistan

Ex-Gitmo detainee reportedly tied to consulate attack

Qhumu_Ben.jpgSufyan ben Qumu was transferred from Guantanamo to Libya in 2007, and then freed in 2010. He leads a brigade in Ansar al Sharia and is a key al Qaeda operative in Libya, according to a Congressional report.

'Foreign militants' still present in Ghazni

Afghan officials and civilians said that "Pakistanis, Chechens, and Arabs" continue to operate in the southeastern Afghan province, just days after al Qaeda released a video of operations in the province.

Foreign fighters, extremists increasingly appearing on front lines in Syria's civil war

Benghazi consulate assault was a 'terrorist attack'

Italian Supreme Court upholds guilty verdict against 23 Americans

IMU's leader for Kunduz captured during raid

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader directed the group's operations in the northern Afghan province, and provided training and direction for IED attacks against Coalition and Afghan forces.

ISAF captures Taliban leader involved in Camp Bastion attack

Female suicide bomber from Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin strikes in Kabul

Eight foreigner workers, including Russians and South Africans, and four Afghan civilians, were killed in the blast near Kabul International Airport.

US Warns Judge's Ruling Impedes Its Detention Powers

Al Qaeda 'facilitator' killed in Kunar airstrike

Asadullah is the second Afghan member of al Qaeda killed in the past week. He organized and directed attacks, and was behind the Aug. 8 suicide attack in Asadabad that killed three US soldiers and a USAID employee.

Taliban provide some details on Camp Bastion attack

Afghanistan - Experts blame base attack on intelligence failure

Syria accuses Turkey of allowing al-Qaida members to cross into its territories

6 Harrier jets destroyed, 2 damaged in Taliban assault on Camp Bastion

AV-8B-Harriers-Afghanistan.jpgThe loss of the strike aircraft will impact military operations in the south. The members of the suicide assault team wore US Army uniforms and "appeared to be well equipped, trained and rehearsed," ISAF said.