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Saudi steers citizens away from Syrian jihad

The air force men who fly drones in Afghanistan by remote control

Taliban release video of planning for Camp Bastion assault

Camp-Bastion-Taliban-Map.jpgThe video clip shows a map on a whiteboard that details the location of the security perimeter, aircraft, hangars, and other buildings. Al Qaeda and the Mullah Dadullah Front were likely involved in the assault that destroyed six USMC Harriers.

US drone strike kills 5 'militants' in Mir Ali

predator-uav.jpgThe strike is the second in three days, and took place in an area known to host a variety of South Asian terror groups.

Attack in Libya Was Major Blow to CIA Efforts

Jihadist site publishes list of 'foreign-backed groups in Syria'

In Somalia, UN charcoal purchases could be funding Al Shabab terror group

Pakistani minister urges al Qaeda, Taliban to kill filmmaker

Anti-Islam film: Pakistan minister offers bounty

US drones kill 3 'militants' in Datta Khel

The strike is the first in Pakistan in three weeks. Datta Khel is a known hub for al Qaeda as well as the Taliban and the Haqqani Network.

Pakistani minister vows better counterterror work with US, but won't talk of tackling Haqqanis

Al-Qaeda's chances in the 'Arab Spring' countries: from Sinai to the black flags!

Al Qaeda's plan for Libya highlighted in congressional report

A report published by the federal research division of the Library of Congress highlights al Qaeda's clandestine strategy for Libya. Working under orders from senior al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan, al Qaeda operatives in Libya are in the final stages of creating a fully operational network.

Decrease of Nato Involvement was Afghan Decision: MOD

Libya consulate was light on security

Afghanistan - now what?

Israeli soldier killed in border clash with 'terrorists'

Israeli troops killed three "terrorists" who attacked a construction crew as it was building a security fence along the border with Egypt. One of the terrorists was wearing a suicide vest.

Tension high in northern Kenya over fleeing Al- Shabaab

Mogadishu, Somalia, leader knows he might not survive being mayor

Muslim Youth Center threatens attacks in East Africa