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Policing a fragile peace in South Waziristan

Al Nusrah Front leader renews allegiance to al Qaeda, rejects new name

Nusrah-front-banner.jpgAbu Muhammad al Julani, the head of the Al Nusrah Front, has rejected a call by the head of al Qaeda in Iraq to change his organization's branding. Al Julani also renews his organization's oath of allegiance to Ayman al Zawahiri.

AQIM did not deny Abou Zeid's death

Social Media Jihad: Cheerleading al Qaeda's new 'Islamic State'

ISAF kills, captures 2 IMU facilitators in Takhar

Syria's Jihadists face test of government in eastern city

Timbuktu fears French troops withdrawal from Mali

Suicide bomber kills 16 in Syrian capital

Today's attack, which killed at least 16 people, including 12 civilians, is the third suicide bombing in the Syrian capital in 18 days.

Al-Qaida Leader Urges Muslims to Unite in Struggle

Origins of CIA's Not-So-Secret Drone War in Pakistan

Morocco at a crossroad

Taliban suicide bomber kills 5 ISAF personnel in southeastern Afghanistan

Three ISAF soldiers and two civilians who worked at the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Qalat were killed in the suicide attack in the provincial capital of Zabul.

How do middle-class Canadian kids become international terrorists?

Social Media Jihad: John McCain visits Tunisia

Key figures in al Qaeda's North African branch

Al Qaeda in Iraq leader's fate highlighted in Facebook postings

Jihadist social media sites are asking supporters to pray for Abdullah Azzam al Qahtani, an al Qaeda in Iraq leader who admittedly proposed an attack against the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Al Qahtani, the sites say, was scheduled to be executed inside Iraq this week.

Al Nusrah Front overruns Syrian Army tank position

Taliban suicide assault team strikes courtroom in western Afghanistan

Ten policemen and 34 Afghan civilians are reported to have been killed as the Taliban attempted to free prisoners being transported to a court for trial in Farah City.

MUJAO leader says Belmokhtar is alive

Mokhtar-Belmokhtar-Sahara-Media.jpgHamad el Khairy, the head of the MUJAO's sharia committee, said reports of Belmokhtar's death are "merely unfounded lies" and have "no basis of truth."

What the Iraq war taught me about Syria