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US Predators target the Haqqanis in North Waziristan

Two Hellfire missiles targeted a senior Haqqani Network commander and an al Qaeda operative in a town that is home to the Haqqanis' main madrassa.

Al-Qaida-style Islamism comes to Gaza

Suspected Al Qaeda man found dead in Peshawar

US to transfer six Guantanamo prisoners overseas

`Al Qaeda shifted base to Pak tribal region`

Pakistan needs "months" for Waziristan push: general

Bin Laden's driver talks

Credible info on fresh attacks from Pak soil: Indian PM

Hamas says Gaza now under control

Al Qaeda-linked group declares Islamic state in Gaza

Hamas and al Qaeda-linked group clash in Gaza

Abdul-Latif-Moussa-thumb.jpgHamas attacked the Jund Ansar Allah after the group's leader declared an Islamic emirate in Rafah. Thirteen were reported killed, including the leader of Hamas' military wing and Jund Ansar Allah's leader and military commander.

Indonesia probes email threatening further attacks

Pakistan urges militants to 'say goodbye to terrorism'

Al Qaeda's surf chick

Shiites in Iraq show restraint as Sunnis keep attacking

The Godfather of Anbar Province

Indonesian police confirm Noordin Mohammed Top is alive

DNA tests proved the leader of a Jemaah Islamiyah and al Qaeda-linked terror group was not killed during last week's raid in Java. Another terrorist who aided in the attacks was the man killed by police.

Kuwait busts al Qaeda cell

Taliban, Pakistani military clash in North Waziristan

The Taliban claimed 32 troops were killed during the battle; the military said 11 Taliban fighters were killed.

Taliban now winning, US commander in Afghanistan warns of rising casualties