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Saudi Arabia: Jeddah suicide bomber's father in denial

Saudi prince spoke to bomber on phone before attack

Russia's brutal guerrilla war

Pakistan - Al Qaeda had no role in Taliban chief™s appointment: Faqir Mohammed

Pakistan's most-wanted: look at who isn't listed

Four Tajiks jailed in first Al-Qaeda trial

How to spot a jihadi

US identifies Syrian prisoner sent to Portugal

What lies in Waziristan

Iraq attacks and the Syrian connection

US, Afghan forces strike Haqqani Network bases

sangeen-zadran-thumb.JPGScores of Haqqani Network fighters have been killed during assaults on the terror group's bases in Khost and Paktika in eastern Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda 'running' from Pakistan, again

Waziristan op out, peace deals in

Algeria provides Mali military aid against al-Qaeda-linked group

Pakistan's non-campaign against the Taliban

Pakistan Taliban take credit for Khyber suicide attack

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's new spokesman said the attack was aimed at the US. Zawahiri continues the call for jihad in Pakistan.

In a tape released on the Internet, Ayman al Zawahiri called for Pakistanis to "back the jihad and mujahideen with your persons, wealth, opinion, expertise, information and prayers and by exhorting others to help them and preach their message." He also described the fighting in the tribal areas and Swat as an "integral part of the crusade on Muslims across the world."

9/11 plotters still alive and planning more attacks: Mullen

Visions of Afghan and Somali emirates

US urging Yemen to go after al Qaeda