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Uighur terrorist leader threatens attacks against Chinese interests across the globe

Abdul Haq al Turkistani, the leader of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party and a member of al Qaeda's Shura Majlis, threatened to attack Chinese embassies worldwide and also interests within China.

UK's MI5 in al-Qaeda 'breach' query

Bin Laden allies reject reports of son™s death in Pakistan

Pakistan: Waziristan operation 'delayed for strategic reasons'

Rashad Saied, a close friend of Osama bin Laden, denied that Osama's son Sa'ad was killed in a US airstrike earlier this year. "If Saad had been killed, al-Qaeda would have announced that," he said. "They announced the death of many key figures in the organization before. It is considered a source of pride for them."

Bin Laden's son likely not dead: Osama's friend

Ireland to take 2 Guantanamo detainees

The ISI's Abu Omar al-Baghdadi responds to US urban withdrawal in Iraq

Taliban suicide bomber kills two troops in North Waziristan

The Taliban also targeted security forces in Peshawar, Mohmand, Swat, and Khyber. Four more security personnel were beheaded and three more were seriously wounded in Pakistan's violent northwest.

Iran and the Taliban, allies against America

Herat%282%29-thumb.jpgThe testimony of a Guantanamo detainee confirms that cooperation between Iran and the Taliban began prior to the September 11 attacks. The one-time enemies came together to fight their common foe: America.

The Downward Spiral: Pakistan Consumed by Violence as Taliban Power Grows

Pakistan helps US search for captured soldier as ties improve between the nations

US man was 'gold mine' of terror intel

CIA Kept Osama bin Laden Son's Death Secret For Months

US Recruit Reveals How Al Qaeda Trains Foreigners

Somalia's Shabaab, Hizbul Islam seek merger

Hizbul Islam leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys told a crowd in Mogadishu that plans for a merger are moving forward.

Pak can use US aid only against Taliban and al Qaeda: Senate

Pakistani jihadis deny Osama bin Laden's son killed

The Taliban commanders said Sa'ad is fighting in Afghanistan and no members of Osama's inner circle have been killed.

Death Report of Bin Laden Son Believable

Swat Taliban leader 'alive, healthy and has never been wounded' - spokesman

Shah Doran, Fazlullah's deputy, has been reported killed. Muslim Khan, the spokesman for Fazlullah, said the Taliban are prepared to retake Swat.