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(Pakistan) Target: terror secretariat

American interests in Pakistan

Al Qaeda leadership resides in Pakistan's tribal areas: US

Taliban insurgent Mehsud makes his move

Suicide bomber kills eight policemen in Islamabad

The bomber struck at the Frontier Constabulary camp in Pakistan's capital. The unit is responsible for providing security at diplomatic missions and VIP homes.

The establishment of a Taliban emirate

US strikes Haqqani Network in North Waziristan

Thirteen are reported killed in the latest airstrike in Pakistan's tribal areas. A suicide attack in North Waziristan targets security forces, kills five. Baitullah Mehsud takes credit for New York shooting spree.

Pakistan 'helps US drone attacks'

New Video May Help FBI Solve Somali-American Terror Case

Shabaab: New HQ video shows American leading al Qaeda in Somalia attacks [Who is Abu Mansoor al-Amriki?]

Arakzai strike targeted senior Taliban, al Qaeda commanders

Yesterday's airstrike in Arakzai targeted a meeting being held by Hakeemullah Mehsud and al Qaeda operatives. A senior al Qaeda operative and three other Arabs were reported killed in the attack.

General Petraeus warns that militants could topple Pakistani state if left unchallenged

US launches first strike in Arakzai tribal agency

predator-uav.jpgTwelve are killed in a US Predator strike as the air campaign continues to expand beyond the traditional hunting grounds of North and South Waziristan and Bajaur.

Pakistan braces for more attacks

Yemen raises number of wanted militants to 154

Iraq's largest lake tranquil again with Qaeda gone

Baitullah Mehsud takes credit for Pakistan attacks, threatens US

Pakistan's Taliban leader threatened to strike in Washington and said the recent attacks on the Lahore police training center, a military convoy in Bannu, and a special police unit in Islamabad were in response to the US air campaign targeting Taliban leaders in Pakistan's tribal areas.

Yemeni detainee at Gitmo to be freed

The US Justice Department has agreed to release a Yemeni detainee from Guantanamo. The detainee, Ayman Saeed Abdullah Batarfi, is a well-educated orthopedic surgeon who allegedly worked for al Qaeda and assisted the organization's chief anthrax scientist.

Yemeni inmate to leave Guantanamo

Obama abandons 'war on terror' phrase