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Whither the as-Sahab brand?

Guantanamo suspects want to stay, say officials

Cross-border insurgents flood Afghanistan

Blaming the bogeymen in Baghdad

China slams US for sending Uighurs to Palau

Suicide bomber kills 34 Pakistanis in Rawalpindi

The blast took place in a high-security area populated by hotels and military installations. The government has offered bounties for Taliban leaders.

On the Taliban trail in South Waziristan

Smaller-scale terrorism plots pose new and worrisome threats, officials say

IB, RAW to probe US Lashkar operative's 'Rahul' connection

US moves on domestic jihadis

Luqman-Ameen-Abdullah.jpgA high number of terrorist plots have been disrupted in the US this year. Several of the Islamists who have been detained have been traced back to Pakistan's tribal areas.

Saudis find arms cache linked to August arrests: report

Haqqani Network, al Qaeda, behind attack on UN guesthouse in Kabul

The attack was a joint operation between the Haqqani Network and the Lashkar al Zil. Siraj Haqqani and Ajmal, a senior Lashkar al Zil commander, have been implicated by Afghan intelligence.

Clinton challenges Pakistanis on al Qaeda

RAW, IB to grill US national arrested by FBI

Pakistani troops advance on Uzbek stronghold in South Waziristan

Soldiers are close to surrounding the town of Kanigoram, the scene of two Predator strikes this year. The passport of an al Qaeda operative involved in the 9/11 attacks has been found by the military at a camp in Sherwangi.

9/11 plotter's passport found in Waziristan

Al Qaeda in North Africa threatens the West

Osama bin Blurry

Nuristan drawdown gives new life to Pakistani Taliban

Taliban take over Afghan province