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Petraeus reveals boost in US counterterror effort

How the Afghanistan air war got stuck in the sky

Pakistan's Peshawar, epicenter of jihad

Iraq's Maliki blasts foreign support for bombings

Africa drug trade fuelling terrorism and crime, says UN

Muslims account for 85 percent of casualties in al Qaeda attacks

Petraeus says progress will be slow in Afghanistan

2 Arab al Qaeda members killed in North Waziristan strike

The identity of the Saudi al Qaeda operatives is not known.

Baghdad bombings kill scores

'Sleeper cells' in Lebanese Palestinian camps

FBI takes US terror probe to India and Pakistan

Suicide attacks killed more than 120 Iraqis in Baghdad

A series of coordinated suicide and car bomb attacks in Baghdad targeted a court complex, a neighborhood near the Interior Ministry, a mosque, and a market.

Coordinated bombings in Baghdad kill at least 121

Suicide assault team strikes Pakistani Army building in Multan

A terror assault team struck a "sensitive agency" in the city in southern Punjab, killing 12 Pakistanis in the attack.

US airstrike kills 3 in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike in Pakistan is the first in two weeks. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have adapted to the US air campaign, US officials fear.

US - Administration presses Pakistan to fight Taliban

Jones: Bin Laden still spends time in Afghanistan

Gates: No good intelligence on bin Laden

Taliban attack Pakistani Army in 'pro-government' region in South Waziristan

One Pakistani soldier was killed after a platoon of Taliban fighters attacked a checkpoint in Wana. The area is controlled by Mullah Nazir, who signed a peace agreement with the military.

Pakistan opposes expanded US drone attacks