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CIA base at heart of drone program

Pakistan Taliban claim attack on CIA in Afghanistan

5 terror suspects from US may face life terms in Pakistan

US kills 3 Taliban in second strike in North Waziristan

The US hit a vehicle as it traveled in the Taliban-controlled tribal agency. The attack is the second in the Mir Ali region in 24 hours.

Focus on Internet imams as recruiters for Al Qaeda

CIA takes on expanded role on front lines

US kills 4 in North Waziristan airstrike

predator-uav.jpgThe attack in the Mir Ali region is the 52nd recorded cross-border strike by the US in 2009.

Waziristan: The last frontier

Pakistan kills Arab, Bangladeshi al Qaeda operatives in South Waziristan

Four al Qaeda fighters were killed during a raid in a hospital in Wana, a region under the control of 'good' Taliban leader Mullah Nazir.

Dubai - Students caught in terrorism net

Afghan suicide bomber killed C.I.A. operatives

Upper crust is often drawn to terrorism

Despite intelligence overhaul, shadow of 9/11 is cast again

Spy agencies failed to collate clues on terror

Khost suicide bomber hit CIA base

Pakistani Taliban take credit for Karachi suicide attack

Asmatullah-Mehsud.JPGThe Dec. 28 Karachi suicide attack killed 43 people. Taliban commander Asmatullah Bhittani said such attacks would continue.

Bomb plot 'ringleaders' were freed from Guantanamo Bay

Former Gitmo detainee killed in Yemen while plotting attack on British embassy

A former Gitmo detainee, Hani Abdo Shaalan, was killed in Yemen as he was reportedly preparing to participate in an attack on the British embassy and other Western targets. At Gitmo, Shaalan admitted that he worked for the Taliban yet downplayed his role, but evidence indicates he was recruited and trained by the Taliban.

Airline plot hatched in Yemen creates turmoil in US

Al-Qaeda 'groomed Abdulmutallab in London™