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Osama bin Laden son 'disappeared during compound raid'

German jihad: homegrown terror takes on new dimensions

Analysis: Pakistan squanders chance to bring military to heel

US still waits for access to bin Laden widows

US Predators kill 4 in South Waziristan strike

The attack took place in an area controlled by Mullah Nazir, a Taliban leader supported by the Pakistani state. Nazir recently said he is "part of al Qaeda."

ISI officers took bribes to release Taliban fighters, say Gitmo detainees

Source: US needs permission to interview bin Laden wives

Military draws up Afghan exit plan

US commander in eastern Afghanistan predicts little short-term change

Pakistan suspected of retaliating after US raid

Al Qaeda affiliates weigh in on Osama bin Laden's death

Fear that US could grab nuclear arsenal heightens Pakistani anger

Al Qaeda appoints new leader of forces in Pakistan's tribal areas

Abdul Shakoor Turkistani, the leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party, is also in control of the terror camps. He was given the job just weeks before Osama bin Laden was killed.

Iranian intel chief joins 'Deather' movement

Pakistan ignored US warnings on unilateral action on Osama: report

Al-Qaeda group claims Osama bin Laden triumph in Arab revolts

Atiyah Abd al Rahman, a senior al Qaeda commander, is believed to be linked to three suspected terrorists who were detained in Dusseldorf. Abdeladim K. a Moroccan who led the Dusseldorf cell, was in contact with Atiyah.

Hundreds of terrorists waiting to cross over to India

Who sheltered Osama bin Laden? Kayani among suspects

Pakistani officials have no record of man killed with bin Laden