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US sees few good options if Yemen government falls

Pakistan ready for peace with the Taliban?

UK - Home Office launches campaign to tackle the threat of lone terrorist

Taliban punish 4 'spies' for recent deadly airstrike

The so-called spies were killed for aiding in the controversial March 17 Predator strike in Datta Khel.

Afghanistan's oppressed Hazaras dread Taliban return

Predators continue to prowl North Waziristan skies

ISAF strikes at 4 IMU commanders in 'safe haven' in Afghan north

The raid targeted four Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commanders. ISAF has struck in the district of Burkah in Baghlan province four times this month.

Somali Islamists could grab tankers for attacks

Pakistan: High cost to a devil's bargain

Pakistan to shoot down US Predators?

ISAF identifies more 'foreign fighters camps' in Afghanistan

ISAF targets Taliban commander linked to 'suicide camps' in Afghan north

The Taliban commander targeted in the raid is linked to foreign fighters and suicide training camps in the northern province of Sar-i-Pul.

Afghan peace council reportedly seeks talks with Taliban commanders held at Gitmo

The Afghan High Peace Council, set up by President Hamid Karzai in 2010, reportedly wants to speak with four top Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo. All four allegedly had significant ties to al Qaeda prior to their detention.

Yemen - 'Chaos by design'

US Predators strike again in al Qaeda stronghold of Datta Khel

predator-uav.jpgThe strike appears to have targeted a meeting between rival "militant" groups in North Waziristan, which was being hosted by tribal elders loyal to so-called "good Taliban" leader Hafiz Gul Bahadar.

Upheaval in Mideast sets back terror war

Taliban leaders divided - Afghan national security directorate

US Predators strike in Datta Khel area in North Waziristan

Datta Khel is a known safe haven for al Qaeda and allied terror groups. Today's strike is the fifth in Pakistan's tribal areas in six days.

American Shabaab commander alive, says US intel

omar-hammadi.jpgUS officials told The Long War Journal that Omar Hammami is believed to be alive. Somalia's defense minister said last week that Hammami had been killed.

US feared British 'sharia banks' would finance terrorist groups