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Al Qaeda Affiliates Growing Independent

An Interview with Online Jihadist Abu Suleiman Al Nasser

Islamic Group Says It Was Behind Fatal Nigeria Attack

CIA Strikes Strain Ties With Pakistan Further

AQAP chief Nasir al Wuhayshi reported killed in southern Yemen

Wuhayshi-oath.jpgYemeni military officers claimed that Wuhayshi's body was brought to a hospital in Aden after a clash near Zinjibar. His death has not been confirmed.

Al Qaeda suicide bomber kills 28 Iraqis in attack in Baghdad mosque

Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Ghafour al Samarrai, the head of the Sunni Endowment who has been vocal in his opposition to al Qaeda, was the target of the attack. He was wounded in the blast.

Doubts raised in Pakistan over reports of Atiyah's death

Arab spring has created 'intelligence disaster', warns former CIA boss

Al Qaeda remains entrenched in North Wazristan

Senior al Qaeda leader reportedly killed

Atiyah_Rahman.jpg Atiyah Abd al Rahman, a top al Qaeda leader, was reportedly killed on August 22. Senior US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal would neither confirm nor deny Atiyah's death. Atiyah was al Qaeda's "general manager" and Osama bin Laden's "chief of staff," according to a senior US intelligence official.

US official: Al-Qaida's No. 2 killed in Pakistan

Nigeria leader vows to fight terror after UN blast

Taliban kill 25 Pakistani troops in cross-border attack

The Pakistani military accused local Afghan officials of aiding the Taliban and said ISAF has failed to take action on large concentrations of Taliban operating in the Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan.

Islamic militants among prisoners freed from Libyan jail

Suicide bombers kill 18 in attack on Algerian military academy

Sixteen soldiers were among those killed in the bombings in Cherchell. AQIM has carried out three suicide attacks in Algeria since mid-July.

Qaeda firmly rooted in Pakistan tribal fiefdom

Iran and Al Qaeda's 'Operations Chief'

Was a Group with Ties to Al-Qaeda Behind the U.N. Bombing in Nigeria?

Tripoli chaos raises fear of missiles going to terrorists

'War on Terror' president re-tells the 9/11 story as he lived it