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Syria unrest: Arab League observer mission head quits

Bali attacks mastermind made bombs with home tools

Wanted IMU leader urges attacks in Germany

Mounir-Chouka-Abu-Adam.jpgGerman citizen and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader Mounir Chouka said that "jihad in Germany is only a matter of time."

African Union Appeal for Mobilization to Defeat Al Qaeda in Somalia

Nigerian's Bomb Plot Detailed in Court Filings

Somalia's al-Shabab join al-Qaeda

Insight: Arms and men out of Libya fortify Mali rebellion

'We in MYC are now part of al Qaeda East Africa'

The Muslim Youth Center, Shabaab's affiliate in Kenya, said that the groups would fight "under the banner of AQEA (al Qaeda East Africa)." AQEA has long reported to al Qaeda's most senior leadership.

Bin Laden Death Photos FOIA Case Focuses on His Burial at Sea

Shabaab formally joins al Qaeda

The announcement formalizes the longstanding close working relationship between the two terror groups.

To be abducted in the Philippines

Libya: Algeria, Libya sign accord to fight cross-border arms trade

GOP Report Criticizes Transfers From Guantánamo

US Predators strike again in Miramshah

Four "militants" were killed in the second strike in 24 hours in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan. A senior al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander is reported to have been killed.

Iraq executes Zarqawi aide

CIA digs in as Americans withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan

Suicide bomber kills 9 in Mogadishu

Al Qaeda 'still standing in Khorasan' despite US drone strikes: jihadist

Al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah al Lubnani said that despite US airstrikes in Pakistan, "time is in our favor."

Radical Muslim Americans Pose Little Threat, Study Says

US drones kill 10 'militants' in North Waziristan strike

The strike took place in a village known to harbor terrorists that is a stronghold of the al Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network.