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Chechen commander leads Muhajireen Brigade in Syria

Abu-Omar-al-Chechen.jpgOmar al Chechen is a key leader in the Muhajireen Brigade, a jihadist group that fights alongside the Al Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant against the regime of President Bashir al Assad.

Al Nusrah Front detonates 50 IEDs in massive ambush

Syrian citizens: Al Nusrah Front trying to 'control everything'

Al Nusrah Front claims suicide attacks in Damascus, al-Shadadi

Nine suicide attacks have now been reported in Syria so far this year; the al Qaeda affiliate has claimed credit for eight of them.

Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate seizes control of another town

The Al Nusrah Front took control of the town of al-Shadadi in Hasakah province. Five Iraqi and Kuwati fighters were killed during the operation.

Al Nusrah Front, foreign jihadists overrun another Syrian military base

The al Qaeda affiliate, the Muhajireen Group, and the Free Syrian Army took control of the headquarters of the Syrian Army's 80th Regiment near the main airport in Aleppo.

'Islamist factions' seize Syrian airbase

MIG-al-Jarrah-Aibase-overrun-jihadists.jpgA fighter from the Ahrar al Sham, a jihadist group in Syria, is heard saying on a video that the aircraft at the overrun al-Jarrah airbase "are now in the hands" of the group. The Al Nusrah Front also participated in the assault.

Suicide bombers kill 14 Syrian security personnel

Al Nusrah front spearheads capture of Syrian dam, claims suicide assault

Al-Nusrah-Front-banner.pngThe al Qaeda affiliate has gained control or has a major presence in several key cities and towns along the Euphrates River, securing its lines of communication into Iraq.

Suicide assault team hits Syrian intelligence in Palmyra

Al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bomber attacks Awakening in Taji

Nineteen anti-al Qaeda Awakening fighters and three Iraqi soldiers were killed in the suicide attack, which is the second of its kind in Iraq in two days.

Al Qaeda in Iraq launches suicide assault in Kirkuk

The tactic of the suicide assault is being employed with increasing frequency by al Qaeda and its affiliates and allies in all of the major theaters of the Long War.

Al Nusrah Front imposes sharia in eastern Syrian town

Eastern Syria has long been a haven for al Qaeda in Iraq, but now the terror group's affiliate is openly ruling a town near the Iraqi border.

Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate claims 2 more suicide attacks

Al-Nusrah-Front-banner.pngThe Al Nusrah Front has claimed credit for five of the six suicide attacks that have been reported in Syria so far this year.

Al Qaeda in Iraq video shows series of attacks against Iraqi security forces

AQI-attacks-ISF-video.jpgThe operations are part of the "third wave" of al Qaeda in Iraq's "Destroying the Walls" campaign.

Al Nusrah Front claims complex suicide assault on Syrian military base

Al-Nusrah-Front-banner.pngThe al Qaeda affiliate sent five suicide bombers to attack a Syrian military base near the Golan Heights in what the group described as "a compound special operation."

Al Nusrah Front expels foreign correspondents, imposes veil

Suicide bomber kills 42 Iraqis at Shia mosque

The suicide bomber targeted the funeral of a policeman in Tuz Khurmatu. The attack is the fourth suicide bombing in the country in nine days.

AQAP eulogizes jihadist who fought in Iraq and was killed in US drone strike in Yemen

Abdullah-Bawazir-2.jpgAbdullah Bawazir fought against US forces in Iraq and escaped from a Yemeni prison in June 2011, according to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. He was killed in a drone strike in Hadramout on Dec. 24, 2012.

Al Nusrah Front claims 2 suicide attacks in Syria

Al-Nusrah-Front-banner.pngAl Qaeda's affiliate in Syria claimed credit for the first two suicide attacks reported in Syria this year. The attacks were launched to avenge reported atrocities in a village in Idlib.