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Alleged message from Zawahiri's Syrian representative posted online

Al Qaeda repeats old mistakes as a new act in Falluja's tragedy unfolds

In Iraqi City Under Siege, More Support for Militants Than Officials

The Iraqi government's battle to control Fallujah

Fuelled by Syria war, al Qaeda bursts back to life in Iraq

The Women of al Qaeda

Latest Treasury designation targets al Qaeda's fundraising network

A newly released terrorist designation by the Treasury Department highlights the extent and cohesion of al Qaeda's global fundraising network. Treasury reports that Ayman al Zawahiri's main representative in the Levant, Abu Khalid al Suri, has been funneling cash from Gulf donors to al Qaeda.

Syrian war revitalises al-Qaeda in Iraq

Al Qaeda emerges amid Egypt's turmoil

Al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria a 'transnational threat'

A senior administration official warned earlier this week that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (or Levant) is a "transnational threat" and "an increasing threat to us." Iraq has exploded in violence since the withdrawal of American troops. The official said 38 suicide bombers have launched attacks in the last month alone.

ISIS launches 3 more suicide attacks against Iraqi security forces

ISIS launches another suicide assault in Anbar

ISIS uses 8 suicide bombers in complex attack in western Iraq

The ISIS has not had difficulty in recruiting and deploying suicide bombers to conduct complex assaults in either Iraq or Syria.

Insight Into How Insurgents Fought in Iraq

Al Qaeda strikes fear into Iraq's government-backed Sunni militia

Insight Into How Insurgents Fought in Iraq

Al-Qaida Surges Back in Iraq, Reviving Old Fears

Assad lashes out at Turkey for sheltering terrorists

Al Qaeda launches suicide assault on security forces in western Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraqi and the Levant killed nine policemen in Haditiha in a coordinated assault on police and military bases.

Al Qaeda ramps up attacks in Iraq