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Jihadists tout training camps for children in Iraq and Syria

The Islamic State, the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, and Junud al Sham have been showcasing camps in Iraq and Syria that are used to indoctrinate and train children to wage jihad.

How a French truck driver became a target of the US air war in Syria

US airstrike hits al Qaeda's local network in Syria

Push in UN to Intercept Jihadists' Oil

IS executes nearly 1,500 people in Syria in 5 months: monitor

Lebanese support ISIS airstrikes: survey

Latest Islamic State horror masks a week of defeats

ISIS tightens up its entry requirements

US airstrike targets al Qaeda in Syria

The US military's airstrikes in Syria show that there is no firm dividing line between al Qaeda's so-called Khorasan Group and the Al Nusrah Front, which is al Qaeda's official branch in the country.

Jabhat al-Nusra eyes Idlib for Islamic emirate

The Lost Children: France Takes Stock of Growing Jihadist Problem

Al Nusrah Front showcases military parade in Idlib

Obstacles Limit Targets and Pace of Strikes on ISIS

Lebanese general: Negotiations with ISIS require more time

French defector David Drugeon, Ahrar al Sham allegedly targeted in Idlib strikes

Analysis: CENTCOM draws misleading line between Al Nusrah Front and Khorasan Group

CENTCOM denied that the five airstrikes on Nov. 5 targeted "the Nusrah Front as a whole" but instead were directed at the Khorasan Group. This is a distinction without difference, as the Khorasan Group is part of the Al Nusrah Front.

3 new jihadist training camps identified in Syria

Training camps run by the Al Nusrah Front, the Khorasan Group, and a Chechen-led group, Khalifat Jamaat, were identified in Syria. The Long War Journal has identified 42 jihadist training camps in Iraq and Syria.

'You want to kill': ISIS deserter recounts training, torture and terror

Al Nusrah Front tweets photos allegedly showing aftermath of coalition airstrikes

The Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's official branch in Syria, has tweeted a series of photos purportedly showing the aftermath of the US-led coalition's airstrikes in Idlib. Prior to today, the coalition had not announced any airstrikes against Al Nusrah since the first day of the bombing campaign in Syria.

Al Qaeda Ally's Advance Imperils Moderate Syrian Rebels