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Taliban suicide bomber attacks US contracting company in Kabul

Contrack International, the target of the attack, supports US military operations in Afghanistan.

Security forces captured a Taliban facilitator involved in the Dec. 2 attack on the US airbase in Jalalabad. The Afghan military claimed that 23 Taliban fighters were killed during operations over the past two days.

NSC confers on Taliban's political bureau in Qatar

We 'Welcome' Hekmatyar's Election Participation: Governor Noor

As Gold Is Spirited Out of Afghanistan, Officials Wonder Why

President Karzai said US and NATO troops should withdraw from Afghan villages as soon as possible. Security forces detained three Taliban commanders and 50 fighters in Nangarhar, and a senior Taliban commander and several fighters in Sar-i-Pul.

Delays at Chinese-Run Afghan Mines Raise Security Fears

As year ends, US commanders are offering glowing assessments of war progress in Afghanistan

Coordinated Efforts By Afghan Agencies Thwarts Suicide Bombers

UN reports 28% increase in Afghan civilian casualties

Khalid Assassin Was Former Prisoner: Saleh

US force in Afghanistan may be smaller than expected after 2014

Vast sums of aid continue to be stolen in Afghanistan

US presses Pakistan on bomb fertiliser

Taliban control schools in Ghazni province of Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Insecurity hampers development of some districts

Panetta, other US officials in Kabul paint rosy picture of Afghan situation

Security forces killed a Taliban commander and several fighters in Baghlan, and detained six suicide bombers, including three Pakistanis, in Paktika. President Karzai said the suicide attack that wounded the NDS chief was plotted in Quetta, and the government will provide evidence to prove it.

Taliban leaders send their girl children to school: UN

Pentagon reports Taliban attacks up during Afghan fighting season