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Rural Afghan town feels caught between U.S. and Taliban

Al Qaeda religious leader thought killed in US drone strike

Khalid-bin-Abdul-Rahman-al-Husainan.jpgKhalid bin Abdul Rahman al Husainan, a senior religious scholar for al Qaeda who is also known as a Abu Zeid al Kuwaiti, is believed to have been killed in a recent drone strike in Pakistan.

Security forces killed seven Taliban fighters in Nangarhar. The suicide bomber who seriously wounded the head of the National Directorate of Security used a bomb hidden in his underwear.

Terror Fight Shifts to Africa

Afghan spy chief 'wounded by underpants bomber'

Taliban Group attends Paris Conference on Afghanistan

Afghan Spy Chief critically injured by underpants bomber

Afghan-Tajik Counter Narcotics Op Detain 13 Smugglers

Arms depot robbed in Ghazni province of Afghanistan

A Taliban suicide bomber wounded the Afghan intelligence chief and two others in an assassination attempt in Kabul. A Taliban leader named Akhbar and several other insurgents were killed in an operation in Dara-e Pech district in Kunar province. The government ordered an investigation into the shooting of a schoolgirl in Kapisa.

ANSF Responsible for 70% of Security: Afghan Ministry of Defense

Afghan Leader Sharply Criticizes US, NATO For Insecurity

Taliban assassination attempt injures Afghan spy chief

Asadullah Khalid, the chief of Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security, was wounded in an attack at an NDS guesthouse today by a Taliban suicide bomber posing as a peace envoy.

Tehran visit: Zardari likely to take up unmet $330m Iranian pledge

Afghanistan: a graveyard of commitments

Corruption in Police causing insecurity: Afghan MOI

Afghanistan Plans to Create Stock Market: AISA

Afghanistan - Women Activists Slam Govt Silence Over Schoolgirl Murder

The Afghan National Army assumed security responsibility for seven eastern provinces: Nangarhar, Laghman, Kunar, Nuristan, Kapisa, Parwan, and Panjshir. Security forces killed three insurgents after an ambush in Paktia. A schoolgirl involved in a polio vaccination program in Kapisa was shot dead by suspected Taliban assassins.

ANSF Takes Over 7 Eastern Provinces