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Taliban out to defame local police: Azizi

US Confident of Troop Immunity in Afghanistan: Ambassador

Judge okays group prayers for Muslim inmates in Indiana

America's go-to man in Afghanistan's Oruzgan province

Taliban Targets Tourists, but Some Still Visit Afghanistan

Hakeemullah Mehsud orders Taliban to end attacks on Pakistani military in North Waziristan: report

President Obama said US forces would switch to a support role this spring and that the goals in Afghanistan have largely been met. The Taliban killed four policemen in Badghis and an ISAF soldier in the west.

Taliban welcome complete withdrawal of US troops

Civil War threatens Afghanistan as NATO prepares to leave

Afghan Containers Still Stranded in Pakistan, Iran

US drone strikes in Pakistan on rise for 2013

How many US troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2014?

Afghan Amnesty Program Falls Short, Leaving Ex-Insurgents Regretful and Angry

The Taliban killed a US soldier in an attack in the east. Special operations forces killed an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan facilitator and captured several Taliban commanders.

Concerns over Iran's influence in Afghan media agencies

Pak-Afghan border: Tribesmen flay travel document stipulation

Pakistanis trucking NATO supplies to Afghanistan go on strike

Afghans say total US pullout would trigger disaster

The Taliban killed three policemen in Nangarhar. More than 250 policemen were "poisoned" in Balkh.

In Old Taliban Strongholds, Qualms About What Lies Ahead