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After vowing transparency, US mum on drone killing

The Taliban claimed credit for a suicide assault on the governor's compound in Panjshir; six memebrs of the assault team and a guard were killed. Three members of a suicide assault team and a guard were killed during an attack on a Red Cross office in Jalalabad.

Taliban launch second suicide assault in Jalalabad

Foreign insurgents sneak into Logar

Afghanistan - Religious Scholars Term Suicide Attack As 'Haram'

Taliban suicide assault team storms governor's compound in Panjshir

Two Taliban infiltrators killed seven Afghan policemen in Kandahar. The Taliban killed five bodyguards for a wireless communications company executive in an IED attack in Kabul, three soldiers in Helmand, three policemen in Jawzjan and three more in Kandahar. The secretary for the chairman of the senate was gunned down in Nangarhar.

Taliban kill 7 Afghan policemen in green-on-green attack

ISAF targets al Qaeda leader in Kunar

The target of the raid was a senior al Qaida leader who serves as an operations chief, trainer, and facilitator in the east.

Afghan forces avail air support in uninhibited areas: Katz

Karzai Requests The Transfer of Guantanamo Detainees

Afghan TV Throws Spotlight on Abuse of Police Officers

Coalition troops are ready to 'rough it' while closing Afghan bases

In Afghan Transition, US Forces Take a Step Back

Afghan officials said that 15 Taliban fighters were killed during fighting in Farah. Coalition and Afghan forces killed 19 Taliban fighters in eastern Afghanistan. The Taliban gunned down a member of Logar's High Peace Council.

Afghan intelligence thwarts major attack against Kandahar City

Turkistan Islamic Party touts suicide bombings in Afghanistan

In recently released propaganda, the al Qaeda-linked group claimed two suicide attacks in Afghanistan and identified several fighters who have been killed in the country since 2007.

Eight Taliban fighters and four civilians were killed after a bomb detonated prematurely outside of a mosque in Ghazni; the Taliban had stopped to pray at the mosque. A suicide bomber killed only himself in a premature detonation in Kabul

Interior Ministry Blames Networks Within Pakistan For Kabul Blasts

For Obama's Global Vision, Daunting Problems