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US drones kill 6 in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike is the first in the Shawal Valley, a known terrorist haven, since late 2012. An unidentified "high value target" is reported to have been killed.

The Taliban claimed credit for a suicide attack on a base in Helmand that killed six Georgian soldiers and wounded nine more. Kandahar's police chief accused Iran of arming the Taliban. The governor of Kunar claimed a US drone strike killed four civilians, including three children.

Afghan troops suffering heavy losses, US general says - Middle East

US adds al Qaeda explosives expert to list of global terrorists

Abd al Hamid al Masli, a Libyan, is a "key improvised explosive device (IED) facilitator" who operates in Waziristan. He temporarily served as the head of al Qaeda's military committee, likely after Abdullah Said al Libi, the former head of the Lashkar al Zil, was killed in a drone strike.

Taliban suicide bomber kills 7 Georgian troops at base in Helmand

The Taliban claimed one of their suicide bombers detonated the bomb inside a base in the Now Zad district. The suicide attack is the sixth of its kind by the Taliban and their allies in less than two weeks.

Afghans angry at 'lenient' Robert Bales massacre sentence

Eight Taliban fighters were killed in a premature detonation in Zabul. The Taliban killed six civilians in IED attacks in Helmand. Six Taliban fighters and two children were killed in clashes in Kunduz. The Red Cross has withdrawn some of its personnel after last week's suicide assault on its office in Jalalabad.

NATO endorses concept of operation for new mission in Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Poppy Cultivation To Increase If Farmers' Issues Not Dealt With: AREU

A suicide bomber killed 11 students, two US soldiers, and a member of the Afghan Local Police in an attack in Paktia. The Taliban killed eight civilians in an IED attack in Laghman.

US forces to stay in Afghanistan after 2014

UNAMA Condemns Attacks in Eastern Afghan Provinces

Afghanistan - MoI Seeks UN's Help to Handle Pakistan

Engineer-turned-militia leader takes on Taliban

Missing context on the tribal 'Awakening' in Panjwai

Suicide bomber kills 10 Afghan students, 2 US soldiers

The suicide bomber targeted a US and Afghan Local Police patrol as it passed by a high school in Paktia province. The US has stepped up raids against the Haqqani Network in Paktia.

Thirteen Taliban fighters and four policemen were killed during clashes at police outposts in Nuristan. Afghan officials claimed that 33 Taliban fighters were killed in Badakhshan. ISAF helicopters gunned down six Haqqani Network fighters in Paktia.

Afghan Forces to Lead All Military Operations in Few Weeks: Govt

Denied visas, Afghans who translated for French army fear for their lives

Taliban denies involvement in suicide assault on Red Cross office