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Taliban forcibly collect usher in Paktika

Karzai Appeals to Taliban for Ceasefire, Changes Tone Negotiations

The Taliban killed 14 women and children in a bombing at a graveyard in Nangarhar. President Karzai said the Taliban should open a political office in Afghanistan.

The Taliban killed four civilians in an IED attack in Kandahar. The NDS captured 52 Pakistanis in Afghanistan over the past four months. The Taliban denied that two senior commanders were killed during recent fighting in Nangarhar.

Reading Between The Red Lines Of US-Afghan Security Talks

Excerpts from Washington Post interview with Egyptian Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi

In Afghanistan, a second Guantanamo

Five Taliban fighters and a policemen were killed in a clash in Farah. The Taliban killed a judge and three civilians in Kunduz and Bamyan. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Uruzgan, captured seven suicide bombers and fighters in Kabul, and detained five Taliban fighters in Baghlan.

A suicide assault team killed nine children in a failed attack on the Indian consulate in Jalalabad in Nangarhar province. No group has claimed credit for the attack. The Haqqani Network, backed by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, has conducted attacks on Indian interests in the past.

Taliban Target MoE Officials to Stall Progress in Educational Sector

US in a Hurry to Ink BSA: Afghan Officials

Attack on Indian mission in Afghanistan raises specter of regional struggle

Jihadists launch suicide assault at Indian consulate in Jalalabad

Afghan officials claimed that 76 Taliban fighters, 22 policemen, and seven civilians were killed during two days of fighting in Nangarhar province; the Taliban claimed 84 policemen were killed. The Taliban killed a senior Afghan Army officer in Logar, three soldiers in Badghis, a policeman and two civilians in Faryab, and seven civilians in Kandahar.

Afghanistan-ISAF reach agreement to waive customs fines, penalties

Despite West's Efforts, Afghan Youths Cling to Traditional Ways

3 al Qaeda military 'training experts' killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

The three al Qaeda trainers reported killed in the July 28 strike in North Waziristan hailed from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Yemen.

Tunisia's Chaambi: Afghanistan-isation?

Afghanistan, U.S. near agreement on post-2014 force

Taliban step up operations in the north, ISAF buries head in sand