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Mountainside landing in Zabul

Coalition forces accidentally killed four Afghan soldiers in a friendly fire incident in Wardak province and killed two civilians in an escalation of force incident in Ghazni province. Coalition and Afghan forces killed more than 12 Taliban fighters in Badghis province and detained a Taliban commander and an undisclosed number of fighters in Kandahar. An interpreter killed two US soldiers in Wardak on Jan. 29.

US Military experiments with empowering Afghan businesswomen

Pakistan - Dangerous abyss of perceptions -Farhat Taj

US airstrike targets Haqqani Network in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgNine Haqqani Network fighters have been reported killed. The strike is the first in 10 days.

Deal with Taliban would not tackle terror's 'root source'

Arbaki in Kunduz province

Saudi Arabia sets conditions for Afghan role

Three members of a Taliban assault team were killed after they attempted to overrun an Afghan Army barracks in the Garmsir district in Helmand province. Two US soldiers and a civilian were killed in eastern Afghanistan. The Taliban murdered a "spy" in Paktika province. Saudi Arabia called on the Taliban to denounce al Qaeda.

What will it take to talk to the Taliban?

UN envoy to Afghanistan met Taliban: official

War plan for Karzai: Reach out to Taliban

Pakistan seeks role as mediator in possible Taliban-Afghanistan peace talks

Hamid Gul on Taliban negotiations

Afghanistan to take over security operations within five years, NATO says

A tribe in Nangarhar province vowed to oppose the Taliban. Coalition forces killed more than 12 Taliban fighters in Baghlan province and accidentally killed a cleric during an escalation of force incident in Paktia. The Taliban killed a US soldier in an IED attack in southern Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Ex-Pakistan spy chief says UK summit will fail

Karzai says it will take years to train Afghan forces

Taliban reject peace talks

The Taliban leadership council again demanded that Western forces withdraw from Afghanistan and insisted it would reestablish the Islamic Emirate.

Afghan tribe vows to fight Taliban, for US aid