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Afghan president Hamid Karzai urges West to buy off the Taliban

Obama's War
Combating Extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Police checkpoint in Helmand

US airstrike killed 15 Turkistan Islamic Party fighters in Afghanistan

A Jan. 19 strike in the northwestern province of Badghis killed 13 Uighurs and two Turks.

Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters in Helmand and a Taliban commander in Badghis, and captured two Taliban facilitators in southern Afghanistan. The Taliban killed two Coalition soldiers, three women, and a child in attacks, and kidnapped a district police chief and two officers in Kunar.

NATO forces in race to secure Kandahar

Pakistan hesitates, again

Increased security checks at US airports slammed as racial profiling

Pakistan says reaches out to Afghan Taliban

UK - Export ban for useless 'bomb detector'

UK - Terrorist threat level raised to 'severe'

Petraeus: Most 'surge' forces to arrive by September

US unveils civilian strategy for Afghanistan, Pakistan

Afghanistan: ISAF outraged at destruction of Koran

The Taliban killed four Afghan soldiers in an IED attack. Afghan and Coalition forces detained a Taliban facilitator and an undisclosed number of fighters in Kandahar and Logar. The government banned ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer used in IEDs. ISAF will further tighten the rules of engagement on night raids.

Al Qaeda leader in Turkey captured

Abu-Zar-thumb.jpgAbu Zar was planning to conduct attacks against Turkish forces in Afghanistan. Turkey has rounded up more than 150 suspected al Qaeda operatives and supporters during raids nationwide this week.

Gates reaches out to future Pakistani military leaders

Night ops in Khost

US ambassador puts brakes on plan to utilize Afghan militias against Taliban

Fifteen Taliban fighters were killed in an airstrike in Badghis on Jan. 20. Afghan and coalition forces killed and captured an undisclosed number of Taliban and Haqqani Network fighters during raids in Ghazni, Kandahar, Khost, and Kunduz. ISAF and a district police chief said four Taliban fighters were killed in the Ghazni raid; locals claimed those killed were civilians. Ambassador Eikenberry is reportedly holding up the expansion of the tribal militia program.