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Suicide blast in Kabul

UN: Afghans forced to pay billions in bribes

At Yemen college, scholarship and jihadist ideas

Thirteen Taliban fighters and two policemen were killed during clashes in Farah and Badghis provinces. Coalition and Afghan forces detained two Taliban commanders, a facilitator, and and six fighters in Zabul, Ghazni, and Logar provinces. US Defense Secretary Gates said reconciliation with the Taliban leadership is highly unlikely.

The Taliban strike in Kabul

Commandos in Kabul

Gates: Initial progress shows Afghanistan strategy on track

McChrystal commends Afghan forces in stabilizing Kabul

The Taliban conducted a terror assault outside the presidential palace in Kabul. Seven Taliban fighters, three soldiers, and two civilians were killed during five hours of fighting. NATO aircraft dropped a bomb on a Taliban position in Helmand; no casualties were reported.

Talking Afghan peace while the Taliban strike

Taliban launch terror assault on Kabul

Suicide assault teams struck at government and civilian centers in the heart of the city. Security forces restored control after hours-long battles.

Afghan capital Kabul hit by Taliban attack

Poland ready to increase Afghan troops

Karzai closing in on Taliban reconciliation plan

Hercules in Afghanistan

The Taliban killed a district governor and five Afghans in an attack on a convoy in Herat, and a US soldier during a clash in eastern Afghanistan. Afghan and Coalition forces killed a Taliban fighter and detained several more during raids in Helmand, Wardak, Kunduz, Zabul, and Ghazni provinces.

Afghanistan - British general rules out win against insurgency by military means alone

US-funded Pashto radio a new weapon in war against Taliban

Coalition and Afghan forces killed 11 Taliban in an operation in Nad Ali in Helmand province and four Haqqani Network fighters in an airstrike in Paktika. The Taliban killed two British soldiers and an ISAF soldier in southern Afghanistan and wounded a district chief in Khost. Parliament rejected 10 of President Karzai's 17 cabinet minister picks.

US releases names of 645 detainees in Afghanistan