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The Salafi Group operates in Kunar

Jingle trucks

A suicide bomber killed nine civilians, including four children, in an attack at a market in Paktia. The Taliban killed three policemen in Uruzgan, and wounded the governor of Khost and six others. Afghan and coalition forces detained three Taliban commanders and an undisclosed number of fighters in raids in Helmand, Kandahar, Khost, and Wardak.

Taliban's Number 2: 'You leave, we (might) talk'

Jordanian bomber™s path remains a mystery to his family

US killed al Qaeda's Lashkar al Zil commander in airstrike

Mustafa Abu Yazid, al Qaeda's leader in Afghanistan, confirmed that Abdullah Said al Libi was killed in a US airstrike. Yazid confirmed this in a tape praising the suicide attack on the CIA base in Khost.

US, Afghan forces target insurgent leaders in the East

ISAF said 23 "key insurgent leaders" were killed in eastern Afghanistan between mid-November and December 2009.

US - Slow start for military corps in Afghanistan

Triple agent was 'CIA's best hope for years'

The Taliban killed four children during an IED attack that targeted Coalition forces in Nangarhar province. Afghan and Coalition forces killed a Taliban commander and two fighters in Kunduz province, and detained an undisclosed number of Taliban and Haqqani Network fighters in Kandahar and Khost provinces.

Night flight of the Reaper

Former bin Laden bodyguard is among ex-guerrillas in Yemen

US 'spy work™ lacking in Afghanistan: NATO official

CIA suicide bomber promised Zawahiri

Jordan says 'no proof' Balawi was CIA suicide bomber

CIA bomber coerced to work for Jordan spy agency

US spies walked into al-Qaeda's trap

Taliban must join security forces, says Brit general

Fourteen Taliban fighters were killed in a premature detonation as they planted explosives on a minibus in Kunduz province. Afghan and Coalition forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan and two more in Laghman province. The Taliban killed a policeman in Ghazni province.

NATO official: US spy work lacking in Afghanistan