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Afghanistan downplay US deadline to finalize security agreement

An Afghan Media Mogul, Pushing Boundaries

Afghan forces kill Taliban shadow district governor in Faryab province

The government claimed that ISAF killed 45 Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Helmand; ISAF claimed it killed 17 in Nimroz. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in Khost and wounded the governor of Samagan province.

Al Qaeda is Back

With insider help, assailants in 'green-on-blue' attacks slip away

Taliban Seize Police Force in a Hamlet

As US forces pull back, Afghan insurgents find opportunities for deadlier bomb attacks

Nine Taliban fighters and two security personnel were killed in Logar. The Taliban killed four people in bombings in Kunduz and Jawzjan, and captured 12 policemen in Zabul; the incident was facilitated by an insider.

Drones to patrol Pakistan's tribal belt post-Afghanistan withdrawal: Report

The military claimed that 35 Taliban fighters were killed during an offensive in the northern province of Faryab. The Taliban killed three civilians in an IED attack in Badghis.

Growing Insecurity And Rise in Military Casualties Destroying Afghanistan's Future: Experts

CIA closing bases in Afghanistan as it shifts focus amid military drawdown

A Taliban suicide bomber killed three US soldiers and a translator in Wardak; the Taliban claimed it killed 31 US soldiers in two suicide attacks in Wardak and Ghazni. Eight Afghan soldiers and six Taliban fighters were killed in separate attacks.

Report Links Failed Afghan Project to Soldiers' Deaths

Five Taliban fighters and two members of the Afghan Local Police were killed in fighting in Laghman. The Taliban killed four soldiers in an IED attack in Zabul. Taliban members are eligible to receive voting identification cards. Denmark pulled the last of its combat troops from Afghanistan, well ahead of the planned withdrawal date of the end of 2014. About 300 Danish troops will remain for training and security purposes.

Afghans See Their Army Woo Them With Piety

Afghan parliament sacks minister over worsening security

The Pipe Dream of Easy War

Security forces killed 16 Taliban fighters in Panjwai. The Taliban killed six people in Khost. Six policemen, two Taliban fighters, and a civilian were killed in fighting in Paktika.