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Gen. Petraeus runs into resistance from Karzai over village defense forces

Buildup of Afghan security forces continues

Does Pakistan have a civilian strategy?

Russia and US relations: solidarity in the face of terror

The Taliban assassinated the head prosecutor for Khwajai Omari district in Ghazni province and killed a British soldier in Helmand. Security forces detained several Taliban fighters in Helmand, Kapisa, and Khost.

Former US envoy calls for Afghanistan™s partition

Afghanistan - Insurgents supplying info on Taliban to US and Afghan forces

Kenya: Iraq, Afghan, Pakistan fighters in Somalia

Petraeus reviews directive meant to limit Afghan civilian deaths

Fear belies Pakistan boasts of becalmed borderlands

The Taliban killed six Afghans in Paktia and two ISAF soldiers in the south, and kidnapped two government officials in Ghor. Security forces detained a Haqqani Network facilitator and three fighters in Khost.

Survey of Afghans points to rampant corruption in government

Afghan companies say US did not pay them

More Taliban 'need to die' before fighting ends: Musa Qala police chief

In an interview with The Long War Journal, Musa Qala District Police Chief Haji Abdul Wali discusses the Taliban problem and the need for NATO forces to remain in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan - 'Courageous restraint' putting troops lives at risk

Indictments reveal coordinated NYC and London plots

Pakistani ambassador: Groups that create militias are not acceptable to Pakistan

Number of Afghans gone AWOL in US reaches 46

Rodriguez describes changes to operations in Afghanistan

ISAF accidentally killed six Afghan soldiers in an airstrike in Ghazni. Security forces killed four Taliban fighters in Helmand and two Haqqani Network fighters in Balkh, and detained three Taliban fighters in Kandahar and Nangarhar. Security forces also killed and captured an undisclosed number of Haqqani Network fighters in Paktika.