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Pakistan conflicted over targeting rising extremists in its heartland

McChrystal says US ambassador 'betrayed' him with criticism of Afghan war strategy

Investigators probing US money flow to insurgents

Afghan opiate use has doubled in 5 years, UN says

Gates sees progress in Afghanistan, despite challenges

Three Australian soldiers and one US soldier were killed in a helicopter crash in the south; two more ISAF soldiers were killed in Taliban attacks. The US military denied Taliban claims that the helicopter was shot down. A female suicide bomber wounded 19 people in an attack on a police checkpoint in Kunar province.

In Afghanistan, a cop who hands out money, instead of taking bribes

US think-tank says Pakistan hasn™t quit insurgent habit

Working to help a haven for Afghan women blossom

US eager to replicate Afghan villagers' successful revolt against Taliban

UN to cut staff in Afghanistan over security fears

Afghan forces killed 14 Taliban fighters and detained five more in Nuristan. Coalition and Afghan forces detained an undisclosed number of Taliban and Haqqani Network fighters in Kandahar and Khost. The Taliban killed five civilians in attacks in Helmand and Nangarhar. Fourteen Taliban fighters laid down their weapons in Herat.

Pakistan - Shaky economy could scuttle anti-terror war: Gilani

Afghanistan™s new riches

You're no longer popular as you once were: Al-Qaida's Adam Gadahn to Obama

UK - David Cameron: Public must do more to support armed forces

2 blasts rock S. Afghanistan in weekend violence

Holbrooke: 'Iran sanctions could impact Pakistani companies™

Soldiers race against political clock in Afghanistan

US hopes Afghan councils will weaken Taliban