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Wanted Taliban commander killed in shootout in North Waziristan

Ameerullah Mehsud was number nine on the list of most-wanted members of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. His death highlights the continued presence of the terror group in North Waziristan.

Turkey™s role in Afghan political deals

Afghanistan: Haqqani militants present new threat in border region

Afghan minister cracks down on illegal mining

Pakistan Army finds Taliban tough to root out

'Root of Afghan challenges; outside Afghan borders' - Saleh

Afghanistan - Sangin ambush alleys provide ground for Royal Marine heroics

Petraeus takes over Afghan fight, vows to win it

General Petraeus assumed command of ISAF. Combined forces killed 63 Taliban fighters in Helmand and 14 more in Wardak. The Taliban killed six civilians in bombings in Helmand and Zabul, and an ISAF soldier in an IED attack in the south.

Afghan envoy: 2011 deadline could hurt war effort

Winning is NATO™s mission in Afghanistan, Petraeus says

UK - David Cameron outlines Afghanistan exit strategy

Foreign and Afghan forces kill 63 insurgents: interior ministry

Taliban™s al Qaeda ties obstacle to Afghan peace

In Sangin, most dangerous Afghan district, British troops fear war will last 10 years

Coalition and Afghan forces detained a Taliban commander linked to the Lashkar-e-Taiba and several other fighters during raids in Nangarhar and Logar. Combined forces accidentally killed three civilians during a raid in Kandahar; a Taliban commander was captured and a fighter was also killed during the raid. The Taliban killed two civilians in an IED attack in Zabul.

Taliban commander linked to Lashkar-e-Taiba detained in eastern Afghanistan

The Taliban commander "assisted with the recent influx of Lashkar-e-Taiba" fighters into Nangarhar, according to ISAF.

Kyrgyzstan: Anatomy of a conflict

Gen. Petraeus calls for unity in Afghanistan war

Afghanistan - Exclusive interview with a top ISAF official