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Al Qaeda sleeper agent tied to 2009 NYC subway plot

shukrijumah.jpeFederal officials said Adnan Shukrijumah, a one-time al Qaeda sleeper agent groomed by senior terrorists to launch attacks on America after 9/11, was involved in Najibullah Zazi's plot to bomb NYC subways last year. Shukrijumah cased targets in NYC in 2001.

Coalition, Afghan forces capture Taliban commander in Helmand

A raid in the Taliban-controlled district of Baghran resulted in the deaths of 31 Taliban fighters and the capture of the district leader for Now Zad.

Outsourcing in Afghanistan: Who's protecting our supply lines?

Leaving Afghanistan early would betray British loss of life, warns Fox

Some Afghan military officers to get training in Pakistan

Pakistan: Baradar's extradition to Afghanistan likely to happen

US and Afghan forces killed eight Taliban fighters who attacked Jalalabad Airfield and seven more in Ghazni. Combines forces also detained a Haqqani Hetwork facilitator and several Taliban fighters in Khost, Kandahar, and Ghazni. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in eastern Afghanistan.

Senate confirms Petraeus as Afghan war chief

General P, the ROE, and Pakistan

On that Rolling Stone article ...

Afghanistan - A winnable war

Holder meets with Karzai in Kabul on corruption, governance

Taliban attack airbase in eastern Afghanistan

Coalition forces repelled an attack by a small team of Taliban fighters who attempted to storm the base. The attackers included a suicide bomber.

Reconciliation efforts with Afghan militants face major obstacle

Afghan attorney general says US ambassador pushed for corruption prosecutions

Bruce Hoffman on the fight against al Qaeda

German Defence Minister questions role of Nato in Afghanistan war

Petraeus calls Afghanistan a test of wills

Petraeus asserts commitment to Afghan effort

Report faults US for being too optimistic about Afghan security capabilities