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Petraeus calls Afghanistan a test of wills

Petraeus asserts commitment to Afghan effort

Report faults US for being too optimistic about Afghan security capabilities

Petraeus vows long-term commitment in Afghan war

Congress may block $3.9 billion in aid due to corruption. The US military claimed more than 150 Taliban and foreign fighters were killed in an air assault in Kunar. Security forces killed a Taliban commander and detained several more during raids in Kandahar, Helmand, and Paktika. The Taliban killed six security guards and five civilians in attacks in Zabul, Kandahar, Farah, and Wardak, and attacked a UN vehicle in Kabul.

Karzai denies meeting Haqqani, General Petraeus says

General Petraeus told the Senate Armed Services Committee this morning that Afghan President Hamid Karzai denies meeting with Siraj Haqqani, a notorious terror chieftain.

Afghanistan: June 30 Marks One Year in Captivity for US Soldier

Afghanistan - Report on Karzai meeting with Haqqani network 'dismissed'

Aid cash feared lost as £2bn is flown out of Afghanistan

Afghan, US forces launch offensive in Kunar

A battalion-sized combined force carried out an air assault in the district of Marawara, directly on the border with Pakistan. The US claimed that 150 Taliban fighters were killed in the assault.

US and Afghan forces launch major assault in eastern province of Konar

Coalition and Afghan forces killed eight Taliban fighters in Kandahar but locals claimed they were all civilians. Security forces also captured a Haqqani Network commander in Khost, a Taliban commander in Herat, and a Taliban facilitator in Logar. The Taliban killed eight civilians in an IED attack in Ghazni.

Bill Ardolino reports from Afghanistan

Afghanistan - "Hundreds of Taleban released last year"

Who's afraid of talking to the Taliban? Many Afghans

Afghanistan - One way out

Afghan police gain leadership skills, public trust

As generals change, will Washington again weigh its strategy in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan: Pakistani militants stepping up attacks in Khost

US officials say Karzai aides are derailing corruption cases involving elite