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Iran sends delegate to meeting on Afghanistan

Taliban want US withdrawal deadline in writing

As anti-corruption measures lag in Afghanistan, US looks to grass-roots effort

Linda Norgrove: how the rescue operation was bungled (Afghanistan)

Afghanistan: 'Time. It will take some time'

Military medics combine ultramodern and time-honored methods to save lives on the battlefield

Fraud may void a quarter of Afghan votes, officials say

Security forces killed and captured several Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, Logar, Khost, Paktika, Ghazni, and Badghis. The Taliban killed two civilians in Kandahar and a Swedish soldier in Balkh. Twenty-one Taliban fighters surrendered in Kunduz.

Ex-Gitmo detainee reportedly surrenders to Saudi authorities

An ex-Gitmo detainee named Jabir Jubran al Fayfi has reportedly turned himself in to Saudi authorities. Al Fayfi was arrested in Yemen in September and his "surrender" was likely coordinated by the Saudi and Yemeni governments.

Afghan: Consult system on military ops not working

US military, civilian officials claim progress in Afghan war

In Afghan south, US faces frustrated residents

Pakistan - How to defuse a human bomb: rescuing Taliban™s teenage recruits

Coalition and Afghan forces launched offensives in Panjwai in Kandahar and the Pech River Valley in Kunar. Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in Helmand, Takhar, and Ghazni, detained two leaders in Helmand and Paktika, and freed 37 prisoners held by the Taliban in Helmand. The Taliban killed four people in bombings in Uruzgan and Kandahar, and executed an imam in Parwan and a "murderer" in Wardak.

Reported plea deal in Guantanamo case draws fire

New report paints gloomy picture on Afghan safety

Clinton: UK defense cuts worry US

Karzai's brother might be indicted for evading US taxes

General Petraeus admitted that NATO facilitated the movement of Taliban leaders to Kabul for peace talks. Coalition and Afghan forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Khost, Zabul, Wardak, and Sar-i-Pul. The Taliban killed three ISAF troops, a policeman, and several civilians.

US uses attacks to nudge Taliban toward a deal