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Participants say Kabul meeting was 'brainstorming session,' not Taliban talks

Pakistan's ISI, a hidden, frustrating power for US

'Hope is not a strategy' - outgoing US Security Advisor Jones voices concern on Pakistan

Taliban assassinate Kunduz governor in attack at mosque

Governor Mohammed Omar was outspoken in his opposition to the Taliban and allied terror groups. He was killed in a bombing at a mosque along with 14 others during Friday prayers.

Senior bin Laden aide killed in recent Predator strike

Mohammed Usman was a key member of Brigade 313 and helped unite al Qaeda with several Pakistani jihadist groups.

Inquiry finds guards at US bases are tied to Taliban

Senate report slams Afghan security contractors

British, German jihadists involved in Europe plot killed in Predator strikes

Abu_Askar-thumb.jpgA leader of the British cell and two German cell members were killed in Predator strikes in September. Abdul Jabbar was named the leader of the Islamic Army of Great Britain.

Trapping the lord of war: The rise and fall of Viktor Bout

Security forces killed the Taliban's shadow governor for Badghis and a top military commander. Combined forces also killed and captured several Taliban members in Kandahar and Takhar. A Taliban suicide bomber killed a German soldier in Baghlan.

Coalition kills Taliban's shadow governor in Badghis province

Mullah Ismail, the Taliban's shadow governor of Badghis province, and Abdul Hakim, a senior Taliban military commander in the province, were killed during a raid on Oct. 6.

Commentary: Pakistan's extremists are carrying out their own decapitation strategy

Dozens of Taliban killed as war enters 10th year

Despite rising doubts at home, troops in one corner of Afghanistan see signs of progress

Kyrgyz candidate warns of rent hike for US base

US tries to calm Pakistan over airstrike

Radical Islam has outmanoeuvred West, says Blair

Pakistan urges Taliban to step up attacks on Afghans, NATO

US backs Afghan reconciliation, no comment on talks

Musharraf: Pakistan backed militants in attacks on India