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Poll: Majority of Afghans back talks with Taliban

Spy agencies infiltrate al-Qaida

'Heart™ of al Qaeda in Pak-Afghan border: Gates

Into Taliban territory: the information war

Coalition and Afghan forces killed and captured several Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters during operations in Helmand, Farah, and Paktika. The Taliban killed a civilian in Helmand and an ISAF soldier in the east. Seven Taliban fighters laid down their weapons in Kunduz.

Analysis: How to make civilian 'surge' in Afghanistan work

Pentagon chiefs: Afghans can manage by 2014

Pakistan is not doing enough in war on terror: Kabul

A review of Christian-Muslim conflict and a modest proposal to counter it

General David Petraeus draws up timetable for Afghanistan withdrawal

Gates hopes Taliban think US will leave Afghanistan

Pakistani Taliban enlist 6 local groups in Wana region of South Waziristan

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has announced that several Taliban groups based in areas under the command of Mullah Nazir have joined its ranks. Also, the Taliban spokesman denied that top commanders Hakeemullah and Qari Hussain Mehsud were killed in recent Predator strikes.

ISAF and Afghan forces capture al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander in west

The commander helped "foreign fighters" enter Afghanistan and served as an IED expert.

'There will be another war': an Islamist uprising in Tajikistan

NATO allies want Canada to keep some troops in Afghanistan as trainers

Some skeptics questioning rosy reports on war zone

Marine recommended for Medal of Honor for Afghanistan bravery

Security forces killed and captured Taliban and Haqqani Network leaders and fighters in Ghazni and Logar. The Taliban killed three ISAF soldiers in the south and the east, and torched two NATO supply trucks in Wardak. ISAF is investigating reports that an Afghan soldier killed two US Marines in Helmand.

Nato investigates 'deadly attack by Afghan soldier'

Afghanistan to indict ex-minister