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Taliban claim attack on Jalalabad airfield

US, Afghan troops beat back Taliban assault on outpost in the east

Six Taliban fighters, including one wearing a suicide vest, were killed in the failed attack on Forward Operating Base Fenty.

Source: Hunt for bin Laden missed 'real opportunity'

Coup in Pakistan 'a real possibility'

Security forces killed and captured scores of Taliban and Haqqani Network fighters and commanders in Kandahar, Helmand, Khost, Nangarhar, and Kunduz. The Taliban killed five security guards in Helmand and an ISAF soldier in the east. A suicide bomber killed a civilian in Kabul.

Pakistan - Taliban, military attacks in deadly lockstep

Osama bin Laden appoints new commander to spearhead war on West

French minister details terror cell

East of Aden: A president struggles to keep Yemen together

Coalition and Afghan forces killed 19 Taliban fighters in Kandahar and four more in Logar. The Taliban killed the son of a US Marine general in an IED attack in Helmand on Tuesday.

US tweaks message on troops in Afghanistan

Visiting US senators praise Afghan progress, say drawdown date is unrealistic

US Predators kill 6 Haqqani Network fighters in North Waziristan

The Haqqani Network fighters were killed in a missile barrage while returning from Khost province in Afghanistan.

Taliban insurgency alive and well, warns British major general

France says terror suspects were planning attack

Volunteer militias are no solution for Pakistan™s Taliban problem

Private security companies sign code of conduct

How to win back Pakistan

The Taliban killed seven policemen in Uruzgan, two security guards and a policeman in Khost, and two ISAF soldiers in the south and east. Coalition and Afghan forces killed and captured several Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters during operations in Ghazni, Farah, Nangarhar, Logar, and Kabul. Three Taliban fighters died in a premature detonation in Nimroz.

Insurgents arrested on Afghan plane