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US wants to widen area in Pakistan where it can operate drones

Can Afghan forces bring security when Nato leaves?

Afghan town's despair as Nato eyes endgame

Al Qaeda operatives detained in Karachi

US to send NATO supplies via Lithuania

After major South Waziristan offensive, Pakistan still faces serious obstacles

France lashes out at al-Qaida message on hostages

Security forces captured two Haqqani Network leaders in Baghlan and Khost, and a Taliban commander and several fighters in Helmand. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south. US Marines will deploy a company of tanks to Helmand province.

US backs trans-Afghanistan natural gas pipeline

Iran rights envoy assails UN censure

US deploying heavily armored battle tanks for first time in Afghan war

2014 is 'aspirational goal' for security turnover to Afghans

Afghan timeline seen fraying under military pressure

The US killed 49 Taliban fighters during an operation in the Pech River Valley in Kunar, and killed 13 more today in an airstrike in the Sar Kani district of Kunar. US troops also killed 18 Taliban fighters in Helmand.

Germans deport Afghans to prevent refugee flood

49 Taliban fighters, 6 US troops killed during Kunar operation

A US platoon clearing the eastern part of the Pech River Valley engaged in a prolonged firefight with Taliban fighters on Sunday, killing scores and recovering significant weapons caches, while incurring several casualties.

Taliban-placed IEDs threaten lives and stability in Kandahar, Afghanistan

US appears ready to acknowledge a long haul in Afghanistan

Afghan auditor faces US inquiry

In Afghanistan, US turns 'malignant actor' into ally