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US troops stay vigilant in combating insider threat

Afghan security officials claimed that police and army units killed 17 Taliban fighters during operations. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier on Nov. 3. President Karzai denounced the US' killing of Pakistani Taliban emir Hakeemullah Mehsud.

As US withdraws from Afghanistan, poppy trade it spent billions fighting still flourishes

American, NATO officials offer mixed reports on readiness of Afghan troops ahead of withdrawal

Afghanistan - Neighbors' Concerns Irrelevant to BSA Signing: MPs

Angry Pakistan to assess US ties after killing of militant disrupts talks

The Afghan Taliban denounced the US' killing of Pakistani Taliban emir Hakeemullah Mehsud in a drone strike in North Waziristan. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Khost.

Afghan Taliban denounce 'cowardly US drone attack' that killed Hakeemullah Mehsud

"If America believes that by martyring Mujahideen they will somehow create a void and reach their selfish aims then they are greatly mistaken," the Afghan Taliban also said.

Pakistani Taliban name new emir after Hakeemullah killed in drone strike: report

Khan Said, who is also known as Sajna Mehsud, is said to have been appointed to lead the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.

Afghanistan probes Taliban execution video of Afghan soldiers

US drone strike kills 3 'militants' in North Waziristan

The strike is the first recorded in Pakistan in a month, and took place in an area administered by the al Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network.

Two Afghan soldiers and a Taliban fighter were killed during clashes in Sar-i-Pul. Security forces captured a suicide bomber in Kandahar. Members of the High Peace Council claimed they would meet with former Taliban deputy Mullah Baradar in Pakistan.

US Disrupts Afghans' Tack on Militants

Afghan Taliban deny opposition to suicide attacks

The Taliban's official spokesman denounced Mawlana Abdul Aziz, who purported to speak for the group, as a fraud. Aziz told the Pakistani media that suicide attacks are "unlawful."

NATO Reduces Scope of Its Afghanistan Plans

The Taliban killed 18 civilians, including 14 women, in an IED attack on a bus transporting people to a wedding in Ghazni, and killed another civilian in a bombing in Kabul. The interior ministry claimed 12 Taliban fighters were killed in operations.

Red Cross Releases Report on Afghanistan

Taliban Mines One of Biggest Threats in Afghanistan: NATO

Former Bagram detainee threatens security in central Afghan province

Security forces killed 13 Taliban fighters during operations in Helmand and two senior Taliban commanders in Wardak. Four Taliban fighters died while planting an IED in Paktika; a civilian was also killed in the blast.