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Afghanistan - ISAF plans 'better targeting' of insurgents in border regions

'Increasing Taliban violence mirrors government weakness' - Afghan opposition leader

The Taliban killed four ISAF soldiers in attacks in the south, east, and west, and executed two Afghan contractors in Kandahar. Security forces captured a Taliban commander in Kandahar.

The CIA and Pakistan's ISI: on the high ground

Across the Kunar

Afghan government peace program would increase the risks of civil war, Afghan justice group warns

How the Taliban lost its swagger

The Taliban killed 14 Afghans in a double bombing at a dog fight in Kandahar and two ISAF soldiers in IED attacks in the south and east, and kidnapped a Canadian "tourist" in Ghazni. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Zabul, Kandahar, Helmand, Kabul, and Logar. The Afghan peace council downplayed Taliban attacks and criticized ISAF for civilian casualties.

Defying the Taliban to preserve Afghanistan's treasures

Afghan intel links Jalalabad bank attack, other suicide attacks to Pakistan

Jalalabad-Taliban-terror-assault.JPGThe Taliban fighters involved in the Jalalabad bank attack spoke to their handlers over the phone during the operation.The NDS linked that and other suicide attacks to the Taliban in Pakistan.

Low pay, big risks for fuel haulers in Afghan war

Afghan defence minister sees better Pakistan cooperation

Taliban bet on fear over brawn as tactic

The Taliban killed three Afghans in a suicide attack in Faryab and nine civilians in an IED attack in Khost. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Kandahar and Helmand.

Afghan officials say jailed Christian convert is free

Taliban in PR scramble after attacks

Tensions rise between US, Pakistan spy agencies

Combat troops to get gay sensitivity training on the Afghan battlefield

US begins withdrawing forces from Kunar's Pech Valley

The US is drawing down forces in the Pech Valley in Kunar. Security forces detained several Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Uruzgan, Kandahar, Helmand, Khost, Paktia, and Khost. Afghan officials claim five hunters were killed in an ISAF airstrike in Kapisa.