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Iraqi refugees in US rechecked for terrorism links

US Promotes New Plan To Battle Drug Trade In Afghanistan, Central Asia, Russia

Handover of key city tests Afghan forces amid rising violence

Taliban defensive about UNAMA report on civilian casualties

Jordanian al Qaeda fighter killed in Afghanistan

jabri.JPGAbu al Zubeir al Jabri was killed while attacking a US base on July 15, according to a statement released on a jihadist website.

Violence in Karachi exposes deep divides

Jan Mohammed Khan assassinated

ISAF again targets IMU leaders in northern Afghanistan

MPs blame ISI for death of Karzai's advisor

Sweden - Afghan war disinterest benefits military: expert

The Taliban killed 11 policemen in Helmand and Kandahar, beheaded two people in Farah, and killed four ISAF soldiers in the south and the east. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban and IMU leaders and fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, Khost, Paktia, Nangarhar, Balkh, and Takhar. General Allen has taken command of ISAF.

Afghan Targeted Killings Couldn't Go without Revenge: Govt

Violence Persists in Afghanistan as NATO Force Changes Generals

Video of brutal Taliban execution of Pakistani policemen emerges

talibanexecution100.jpgThe Taliban released graphic footage of a Taliban execution of Pakistani policemen captured in Upper Dir in early June.

NATO airstrikes target Taliban in east Afghanistan

Mumbai blasts: Arrested IM agent bares pact with Taliban to terrorize India

Turf war for Afghan south 'could embolden Taliban'

A Taliban suicide assault team killed a key adviser to President Karzai and a member of the Afghan parliament in an attack in Kabul. The Taliban killed five ISAF soldiers yesterday and today in the south and the east. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban and IMU leaders and fighters in Helmand, Khost, Nangarhar, and Takhar.

Key adviser to Karzai, member of parliament assassinated in suicide assault in Kabul

Jan Mohammad Khan, the former governor of Uruzgan province, and Mohammad Hashim Watanwal, a parliamentarian from Uruzgan, were killed during a suicide assault at Khan's compound.

UK Legislators Warn Against Afghan Troop Drawdown