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As US wars wind down, drones gain new prominence

Rotor wash

Mullah Omar, headscarves and bizarre Afghan peace talks

US drawdown begins in Afghanistan

Ahmed Wali Karzai's assassin a Taliban agent: report

Ahmed Wali Karzai's killer had been a Taliban foe

A suicide bomber killed four people, including two senior clerics, in an attack at a mosque during a ceremony for Ahmed Wali Karzai. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the east and torched six ISAF fuel tankers. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban leaders and fighters in Helmand, Kandahar, Zabul, Khost, and Logar; locals claimed Haqqani Network fighters killed in Khost were civilians.

Civilian Deaths Rise in First Half In Afghanistan

In high heels, head scarves, Afghan women protest harassment

Afghanistan's first female military pilots arrive in US for training

Suspected militants interrogated in India's Mumbai

Suicide bomber kills 4 in attack at Kandahar mosque

Two senior clerics were killed in a bombing at a service in Kandahar for President Karzai's brother. The suicide bomber hid the explosives in his turban.

Afghan politicians rethink personal security

To Track Militants, US Has System That Never Forgets a Face

UK government: Al Qaeda weakened, but terrorism still greatest threat to Olympics

Poppy Crops Set To Bloom If Afghanistan Aid Withers

Afghan Defense Ministry: Pakistan Should Focus on Counterterrorism Instead of Attacking Afghanistan

Former NDS Chief Says Foreigners' Talks with Taliban Catastrophic

Panetta signals a new tone on US-led wars

Karzai appoints another brother as tribal head