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Afghanistan, Pakistan Attempt to Repair Ties Damaged after Rabbani Killing

India-Afghan strategic pact:the beginnings of regional integration

Afghanistan Gets Another New Political Party

Afghanistan - Night letters threaten Loya Jirga participants with death

India Mindful about Pakistan Sensitivities over Afghanistan

Clinton Vows to Fight for Afghan Women's Rights

The Taliban is accused of stoning a mother and daughter to death for committing adultery in Ghazni. The Taliban killed an ISAF solider in the south.

Failed Afghan road project shows pitfalls of US efforts

On a mission with US forces in Afghanistan

Afghanistan mother and daughter stoned and shot dead

US soldiers at war: The forgotten 1 percent

The Taliban killed three Afghan policemen during a suicide assault on the governor's compound in Paktia; five Taliban fighters were killed during the attack. The governor was hosting tribal leaders during the attack.

Haqqani Network attacks governor's office in Paktia

Kazakh jihadi leader seeks restoration of Islamic caliphate

Rawil Kusaynuv, the emir of the Zahir Baibars Battalion, a unit in the Jund al Khilafah, said there are several battalions operating in Afghanistan.

UN boosting cooperation with Afghans

More than 60 Haqqani Network and foreign fighters were killed during a failed assault on Combat Outpost Margah in Paktika. Amnesty International called for the International Criminal Court to investigate the Taliban's targeting of civilians. An Afghan soldier wounded three Australian troops in Uruzgan.

Helmand ready for second round of transition: officials

Photos from Nangalam, Afghanistan: A Stream of Strategic Shifts

Property prices plunge after Kabul violence

Pakistan president vows to 'eradicate' Haqqani group