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Security changes for US troops in Afghanistan

Taliban trying to mount pressure on US: Afghan MPs

NATO Troops On Alert For Attacks By Afghan Counterparts

Pakistan parliament debate on US sputters to halt

Afghanistan 'Sandhurst in the sand' academy announced by Philip Hammond

More than a dozen Taliban fighters and three Afghan security personnel were killed during clashes throughout Afghanistan. Twelve Taliban fighters in Herat and 10 more in Faryab reconciled with the government. US forces have assigned soldiers to watch over their Afghan counterparts.

Pakistan - Supreme Court directs NAB to hold fair probe into NATO containers scandal

US Looks To Extend Use Of Kyrgyz Base

Official Rejects Iran's 'Interference' In Afghan Affairs

'Af-Pak is Al-Qaeda's top launch point for attacks': Pentagon

Af-Pak tribal badlands nursery of world terror

Afghanistan - Economic Development Requires Better Security: Foreign Minister

Hundreds of Afghan women jailed for 'moral crimes'

NATO: Afghans to take lead in majority of country

9/11 plotter spotted in Mir Ali

UN refugee agency reports big rise in asylum claims

Security forces killed the top IMU commander in Afghanistan and several Taliban fighters and commanders. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south and are ejecting Afghans from their homes in Nuristan. HIG suspended peace talks with the government.

Obama concedes strains between US, Pakistan

ISAF, Afghan forces kill top IMU commander in north

Makhdum Nusrat, "the senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader in Afghanistan," was killed along with several IMU fighters during a raid in Faryab.

Pakistan - Afghan Taliban say US must rebuild trust for talks