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Twelve Taliban fighters and four Afghan soldiers were killed during clashes nationwide. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in separate attacks in the south. Security forces detained several Taliban commanders and fighters in Helmand, Kandahar, and Nangarhar. The US said it is committed to conducting peace talks with the Taliban.

French Cabinet OKs new anti-terrorism measures

'Koka' critically injured

Afghan Force Will Be Cut as NATO Ends Mission in 2014

Afghans Demand Intervention After 'Pakistani Taliban' Attacks

Suicide Bombers Strike in Afghanistan

The Taliban killed 17 Afghans, including 17 policemen, in suicide assaults in Helmand and Herat. ISAF said it does not see evidence that that Taliban have organized a spring offensive. Security forces killed the head of the Taliban in Faryab and captured two facilitators in Helmand and Kandahar.

Afghan Carpet Exports Decrease 95% in Five Years

Taliban suicide bombers kill 17 in attacks in south, west

The Taliban continue to target Afghan security forces, while ISAF's spokesman said the Coalition hasn't seen evidence of "cohesive action" by the Taliban.

No sign of spring offensive by Taliban, NATO says

Afghan security forces worry over fratricidal brothers-in-arms

US Transfers Control of Special Operations to Afghans

ISAF killed the IMU's top leader in Afghanistan in Faryab and a Taliban leader in Badakhshan. Security forces killed 16 Taliban fighters. A British soldier wounded in February died from complications.

Qatar to Establish Embassy in Kabul

Special operations forces kill newly appointed IMU leader for Afghanistan

Osmani Sahib led the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's operations for only 12 days before being killed during a combined Afghan and Coalition special operations raid in Faryab province. His predecessor, Makhdum Nusrat, was killed on March 26.

Saudi Arabia's Syrian jihad

Status of Afghan women threatens Hillary Clinton's legacy

The US and Afghanistan signed an agreement with respect to night raids; Afghanistan has been given veto authority. Security forces killed and captured dozens of Taliban commanders and fighters during raids. The Taliban killed three civilians in an IED attack in Paktiya.

Afghans, US sign deal on night raids

No drone strikes in Pakistan after 2014, none at least launched from Afghanistan