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Hundreds of Afghan women jailed for 'moral crimes'

NATO: Afghans to take lead in majority of country

9/11 plotter spotted in Mir Ali

UN refugee agency reports big rise in asylum claims

Security forces killed the top IMU commander in Afghanistan and several Taliban fighters and commanders. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south and are ejecting Afghans from their homes in Nuristan. HIG suspended peace talks with the government.

Obama concedes strains between US, Pakistan

ISAF, Afghan forces kill top IMU commander in north

Makhdum Nusrat, "the senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader in Afghanistan," was killed along with several IMU fighters during a raid in Faryab.

Pakistan - Afghan Taliban say US must rebuild trust for talks

France launches hunt for Islamic extremists after attacks

US and Pakistan bargain over CIA drones

An Afghan soldier killed two British troops in Helmand, and an Afghan Local Policeman killed an ISAF solider in the east. The Taliban killed two senior security officials in Takhar and an Italian soldier in Farah. A suicide bomber killed only himself in Uruzgan.

Afghan Interior MInistry Concerned Over Foreign Support Extended To Insurgents

Afghan security forces kill 3 ISAF troops in south, east

Sixteen Coalition soldiers have been murdered by Afghan security personnel this year. ISAF said the overall number of attacks on its personnel by Afghan forces is "classified."

US negotiation efforts with Taliban have failed: Report

The Taliban killed seven Afghan soldiers and a translator, three ISAF soldiers, and two children in separate attacks. The US paid $860,000 to the families of those killed and wounded by a rogue US soldier in Kandahar.

Delays Keep Omar Khadr at Guantánamo, Despite Plea Deal

Radio Azadi Names Hindia d'Afghanistan 'Person Of The Year'

Pakistani Taliban forcing Nuristan residents from homes

Taliban warn Pakistan lawmakers over NATO supplies

Taliban threaten Pakistani parliamentarians over possible reopening of NATO supply routes

NATO's supply routes through Afghanistan have been closed for four months, and the Taliban want to keep it that way.