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ISAF killed several IMU and al Qaeda-linked Taliban leaders in airstrikes in Badakhshan and Nangarhar. A suicide bomber killed four members of the Afghan Local Police and five civilians in Kapisa. Three Afghan policemen killed an ISAF soldier in the south.

Army won't leave South Waziristan: Kayani

French infantry patrol in Kapisa

Afghan policemen kill ISAF soldier

ISAF kills IMU, al Qaeda-linked Taliban commanders in airstrikes

The Taliban commanders killed in Nangarhar "facilitated the movement of foreign fighters across the border from Pakistan into Afghanistan." The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander was involved in the kidnapping of four aid workers in Badakhshan.

Poppy Cultivation Downs 40% in Afghanistan: UN Drug Official

Suicide bomber kills Afghan Local Police commander

The Taliban have executed two suicide attacks in Kapisa province in the past nine days. The French provide security in the province and are withdrawing their forces by the end of this year.

Canadian military equipment trapped in Afghanistan

Pakistan's hardline groups ask gov't to shoot down US drones

Post-Afghan Pullout: US considers handing military hardware to CARs

Taliban praise India for resisting Afghan entanglement

Afghanistan Aware of US-Taliban Talks

Pakistan-Based Insurgent Groups Trying to Insecure Tajikistan: Afghanistan's NDS

Pentagon to soon deploy pint-sized but lethal Switchblade drones

Thirteen Taliban fighters and three policemen were killed during fighting throughout the country. The Taliban killed a civilian in an IED attack in Kandahar.

Russia Worried Over Afghanistan Becoming a Terrorist Haven

Worry Replaces Hope In Race To Restore Ancient Afghan City

Security forces killed a Haqqani Network commander and several fighters in Paktika and a Taliban leader and several fighters in Badakhshan, and captured several fighters in Logar and Khost. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the south and east.

How They Robbed Kabul Bank

Security forces killed a Taliban commander in Kandahar and captured two commanders in Helmand. The Taliban killed a British soldier in Helmand. The US, India, and Afghanistan will conduct trilateral talks.