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Afghanistan aid: Donors pledge $16bn at Tokyo meeting

The Taliban killed 11 Afghans and an ISAF soldier in attacks. The Taliban publicly executed a woman for adultery in Parwan. The US granted Afghanistan the status of a special ally.

Turkish jihadist magazine Islamic World published

Afghanistan - Health Official Calls on Insurgents to Allow Polio Drive

Violent Taliban splinter groups opposed to talks harbinger of civil war after US troops leave

Infighting kills Taliban shadow district governor in Herat province

ISAF targets IMU suicide bomb maker in Kunduz

Hillary Clinton says Afghanistan 'major non-NATO ally'

In Dwindling Afghan War, Air Power Has Become a Way of Life -

US, Taliban strike deal to resume talks in Qatar shortly

Is LeT Turning Against Pakistan?

'Kite Runner' Author On His Childhood, His Writing, And The Plight Of Afghan Refugees

Pakistan to scan all NATO containers

Exxon Mobil Signals Interest in Afghan Oil Concession

Laskar-e-Taiba commander killed in recent airstrike in Kunar

Ammar died in the same airstrike on July 1 that also killed Khatab Shafiq, a Pakistani citizen who served as Lashkar-e-Taiba's leader for Kunar province.

Taliban Ambush Witnessed By ABC News Tests Afghan Army

Security forces killed 27 Taliban fighters and detained eight more, including three Pakistanis. The government released 79 Taliban members as part of a reconciliation push. The French have turned over Kapisa province to Afghan forces.

5 ISAF soldiers wounded in latest green-on-blue attack

The attack took place in Sayyidabad, a hotbed of Taliban and al Qaeda activity. The Afghan soldier escaped and the Taliban claimed he joined them.

Northern land routes to be crucial in US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Pak army has built posts on Afghan soil: Afghan officials