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Kunar Shelling Puts Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations Under Strain

Allen talks cooperation after 'Salala tragedy

Afghan Taliban lash two men in public

The Taliban killed four civilians in an IED attack in Nangarhar, and four more in a rocket attack in Kunar that was launched from Pakistan. Six Taliban fighters and three policemen were killed in clashes in Nimroz. The US has transferred 2,353 prisoners from the Bagram detention center to Afghan control.

US shifts 2,353 inmates to Afghan control

Lack of Air Defense Will Keep Afghanistan Dependent on US Military: Analysts

The Taliban killed a district police chief and five policemen in an IED attack in Uruzgan. Security forces killed a Haqqani Network leader in Khost, and detained several insurgents in Kunduz and Kandahar.

ISAF captures IMU leader in Afghan north

Special operations forces have conducted three raids this year in Takhar against the al Qaeda and Taliban-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in attacks in the south and east. The Interior Ministry denied Taliban claims that policemen have been defecting.

Security forces killed 25 Taliban fighters during operations nationwide. Nine Afghan soldiers and seven Taliban fighters were killed during clashes in Helmand. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the east and destroyed 22 NATO fuel and supply trucks in an attack in Samangan province.

Afghan forces take over security charge of Kandahar

Taliban destroy 22 NATO trucks in Afghan north

Twelve Taliban fighters, four policemen, three civilians, and an ISAF soldier were killed in fighting. The Afghan soldier who murdered four French troops in Kapisa earlier this year has been sentenced to death. More than 100 Taliban fighters in Badghis reconciled with the government.

In Afghan village, fears that government can't provide after Americans leave

Afghan soldier sentenced to death for French killings

The Taliban killed 10 Afghans in attacks in Kunduz, Ghazni, and Kandahar, beheaded three soldiers in Nuristan, and killed two ISAF soldiers in the south. The defense ministry is investigating claims of a truce between Afghan soldiers and the Taliban in Uruzgan.

Pakistan - DPC takes out long march to protest restoration of NATO supplies

Security forces killed 15 Taliban fighters during operations nationwide. The Taliban killed two security guards in Herat. The minister of higher education and two members of parliament survived an IED attack in Baghlan.

Taliban district shadow governor arrested in Herat; infighting prompts Taliban defections

US, International Community Will Stand by Afghanistan Beyond 2024: Crocker