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'Numerous' insurgents detained during latest raid against IMU in Kunduz

Looking Toward Future, Army Plans to Relocate Overseas Stores

Special operations forces killed two insurgents while targeting an al Qaeda-linked leader in Ghazni. Security forces killed 18 Taliban fighters in Paktika. The Taliban condemned the destruction of ISAF bases.

World silence on Pak incursions questioned

Taliban condemn destruction of bases, urge Karzai government to join jihad

ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked leader in southeastern Afghanistan

Special operations forces conducted an airstrike against an "al Qaeda-associated insurgent leader" in the Gelan district in Ghazni province.

Seven Taliban fighters, a police commander and two policemen, four security guards, and a child were killed during clashes. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the south. Security forces detained two Haqqani Network commanders, a Taliban weapons smuggler, and several insurgents.

Pakistan suspends NATO supply route over security

In Pakistan, stalled military operation means refugees can't go home

NATO slams cross-border shelling

Afghanistan - Wardak Security Transition was Irresponsible: Governor

Afghanistan - ICRC Warning of Worsening Security Dismissed by Government

Taliban's Grip Broken in Southern Afghanistan: Officials

Revealed: Dr Afridi sought asylum in US, says investigators

NATO supply trucks surge at Pakistan border

Pakistan - Non-starter: Panel to oversee peace talks with Taliban dismantled

Security forces killed an al Qaeda-linked insurgent leader in Nuristan. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the west. Twenty security guards in Uruzgan surrendered to the Taliban.

Afghanistan - Violence against women on the rise in Farah

Special operations forces target al Qaeda-linked leader in Nuristan

Kanjar, an insurgent leader affiliated with both the Taliban and al Qaeda, was killed during a raid in the Waygal district.

Afghanistan - Taliban Threaten Panjwai Residents for Turning to Government