November 2007 Archives

November 29, 2007:

Taking the fight to al Qaeda in the North

November 28, 2007:

Hunting al Qaeda in Iraq's propaganda cells

November 26, 2007:

Doku Umarov declares Islamic Caucasus Emirate

November 25, 2007:

Iranian Special Groups linked to Baghdad pet market bombing

November 24, 2007:

Iraqi forces launch operation in Kirkuk

November 23, 2007:

Suicide bombings in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

The Real Surge

November 22, 2007:

Al Qaeda attacks the Awakening; Senior al Qaeda leaders killed, captured

November 21, 2007:

The Pakistan problem, and the wrong solution

November 20, 2007:

Pakistan releases Taliban leader Sufi Mohammed

November 19, 2007:

Iraqi Security Forces take on the Mahdi Army in Diwaniyah

November 18, 2007:

Iranian-backed kidnappers demand release of Special Groups commander

November 17, 2007:

Sunni clerics turn on Association of Muslim Scholars

November 16, 2007:

Fighting intensifies in Swat, Shangla

Operation Spin Ghar: Uruzgan gets ugly

November 15, 2007:

Taliban, Pakistani Army clash in Swat and Shangla

November 14, 2007:

Coalition special forces, al Qaeda fight major battle in Tarmiyah

Pakistan: Shangla district falls to the Taliban

November 13, 2007:

Targeting al Qaeda in Iraq's network

November 12, 2007:

Operation Iron Hammer targets al Qaeda in Iraq's north

November 11, 2007:

Pakistan frees Mullah Obaidullah, other senior Taliban leaders

November 10, 2007:

Al Qaeda, Islamic Army of Iraq battle near Samarra

November 9, 2007:

Pakistan's Bhutto under house arrest; Swat falling to the Taliban

Afghanistan: Fierce fighting as the harsh winter approaches

November 8, 2007:

Why the violence has declined in Iraq

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: November 2007 Update

November 7, 2007:

Taliban continue march under Musharraf's state of emergency

November 6, 2007:

Suicide bombers kill over 90 in Afghan north

November 5, 2007:

Taliban gain ground as Musharraf focuses on Islamabad

November 4, 2007:

Musharraf silences the Pakistani media

Pakistan's Second Coup

November 3, 2007:

Pakistan: Musharraf suspends constitution, declares state of emergency

Libyan Islamic Fighting Group joins al Qaeda

November 2, 2007:

Taliban parade capture Pakistani soldiers in Swat

November 1, 2007:

Senior leader of Haqqani network killed in Afghanistan

Iraq in pictures

Suicide bomber kills eight at Pakistani airbase


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